2 Kings: Lesson 11 — A Boy King

The following are discussion questions from a weekly study I am leading through the book of 2 Kings.  We meet each Wednesday evening at the Deer Run Church of Christ.

The Unraveling of a Nation

A Study of the Book of 2 Kings

Lesson 11 (A Boy King)
 2 Kings 11
   March 12, 2014

The Text:

  1. What did Ahaziah’s mother attempt to do?  Who was rescued?  Where did he live?  For how long?  Who was ruling Judah at this time?     

  2. Who was Jehoiada?  Who did he send for?  What did he show them?  What instructions did Jehoiada give? 

  3. What did the commanders do?  Where did they get weapons?  Where were the guards stationed?  What did Jehoiada do?  How did the people respond?    

  4. What got Athaliah’s attention?  What did she find when she went to see what the people were up to?  How did she respond? 

  5. What command did Jehoiada give?  Why?  What happened to Athaliah?  What was the result of the covenant’s made by Jehoiada?  Who was brought into the palace?  How did the people respond?  How old was the king? 

  The Application:

  1. Do you ever feel like you are loosing control of a situation?  How do you respond?  Do you tend to take what others would see as extreme measures in an attempt to maintain a sense of control?  What risks would you take to protect someone? 
  2. How long are you willing to wait for things to be made right?  Who would you turn to when you need someone to stand with you against evil?  Who would you be willing to stand up for? 
  3. How obedient are you to the instructions of the Lord?  What has He given to be used for protecting yourself and others?  Are you using it?  How should you respond to the Lordship of Jesus?         
  4. What things tend to get your attention?  How closely do you check on the things that draw the attention of people?  How do you react when you feel a sense of betrayal?  What it comes because of wrong you have done?         
  5. Are there things that you believe are inappropriate to be done in the temple of the Lord?  Where is the temple of the Lord?  Are there things in your life that a covenant with God should cause you to remove?  How do you feel about God’s ability to use you because of, or in spite of, things that you believe to be inadequacies?   


Next Week:   Rebuilding . . . Eventually
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