Encouragement and Prayer: Pray With Joy! (4/4/23)


This is the audio from the April 4, 2023 live social media broadcast of encouragement and prayer by Impact Prayer Ministry’s director, Tom Lemler.

“But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers.”
Luke 22:32 (NIV)

I suppose it may seem a bit strange at first to pray about praying, but if prayer is as central in our life as it ought to be then we ought to be talking with God and seeking His help in this area.  I suspect one of the big reasons we need to seek God’s help in our prayer life is the command to “devote yourselves to prayer”.  If God had said to simply pray when you feel like it or when it’s convenient, most of us could handle that.  But devoting ourselves to prayer is an entirely different task.  When we go to God about our prayer life, we open our self up to His instruction and guidance in the way we relate to Him.  As you pray this week, ask God to help you examine just how devoted to prayer you are.  Pray that you would understand your need for God’s  help in this part of your relationship with Him — as in all other parts.  Pray that you would be always watchful and thankful as you pray — both qualities that will require God’s help.  Pray that  your relationship with God would grow as your devotion to prayer grows.

“In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy.”
Philippians 1:4 (NIV)

Ask God to fill you with joy about Him and about those you pray for.  Pray that your joy would be expressed, and even increased, because of the way you pray for all of those around you.  Pray that you would live in such a way that others would be filled with joy in their prayers for you.

You can find the live video feeds of these encouragement and prayer times on Impact Prayer Ministry’s Facebook page.

In prayer,