2017: Page 165

Well, I had page 165 all written out and decided I didn’t like the tone of it for a public post so I deleted it and will try to write a condensed version.  It took some time, but the morning helped me gain a peace about where God has me and the things He has me doing.  One of the first tasks I did this morning at work was to unload the maintenance supplies from my truck.  As I unloaded my truck, I noticed there was something on the old soccer goal frame at the end of the back field.  After taking the supplies into the building, I grabbed my high-zoom camera and was able to capture a few photos of a hawk perched on the goal frame with an intense gaze on the lawn below it.  He didn’t stay long, so I soon went back in and finished putting away the supplies where they belonged.  

After taking care of a few maintenance issues, I spent much of my workday doing some more writing in the next devotional journal I am working on.  The topic is on living free, and one of the devotions I wrote today was about living free to praise God.  There are many things that the enemy will attempt to use in his efforts to distract us from a life spent in praise and worship of God.  When we are in Christ, God frees us from the bondage that makes us feel unable or unworthy to live a life of praise.  Gazing intently into God’s perfect law ought to remind us of how much we ought to praise God and how much we have to praise Him for.  Even in the midst of trouble and turmoil, God promises to never leave us nor forsake us — if that isn’t reason enough to praise God regardless of the circumstances of life, I don’t know what is.  God used my writing today to remind me that while I am free to praise Him, doing do has to be my choice.

As the workday came to a close, I went out and got some lunch before heading home.  After resting a bit, I went outside to clean up the front yard from a small tree that blew down yesterday.  The heat and humidity were both high enough that I didn’t stay out long before heading back inside to the comfort of air conditioning.  After dinner, some storms started moving through the area which brought a slight relief to the high temperatures.  Today’s photo was taken from my porch as a light rain fell on the roses.  As I was photographing the “raindrops on roses”, a hummingbird stopped by for a quick visit and I was able to capture a couple photos of it also.  Just as God sends forth the refreshing rains which bring coolness and life to the plants, He brings forth refreshment through His Spirit which brings coolness and life to my soul.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Much of the time God teaches me lessons that He wants me to share not just the application, but the lesson plan too, so others can learn from the details as well.
  • Other times, it seems like His lessons are more personal and I need to be careful to find ways to share the application without sharing the details.
  • Wisdom is seeking God completely to know how to handle each lesson.
  • We all need reminders at times that either brings us back to the path that God wants us on, or confirms we are still on that path.
  • A proper understanding and application of God’s perfect law ought to free us to live a life of praise.
  • If praise seems difficult, we need to spend more time sitting in the presence of God in prayer and His Word.
  • God’s Word and His presence ought to be a refreshing rain in our life.
  • Even if all else fails, God never will.


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