2017: Page 164

Page 164 lived up to its advertised billing as another hot and humid day.  I still find myself awake early most days, so I figure if I’m up I may as well get started on my workday.  My morning walk-through at work included a few small maintenance tasks before turning my attention to finishing up a supply order I began yesterday.  There were still complications with the ordering process but after a lengthy phone call with customer service, I was finally able to confirm the order at a thirty-three percent savings compared to what it would have cost without going through their “pro customer” registration process.

As I finished up that task, the remainder of my book order for the North American Christian Convention arrived.  The UPS guy said that today’s shipment was a little over 300 pounds — that’s a lot of books!  In preparation for the convention, I had ordered an average of 100 copies of each of the eight books I have written and published.  Usually I had ordered copies of one title at a time which made it nice as the entire box was all the same.  By placing an order that contained all eight titles, the shipping department decided to be as efficient as possible — at least for them — and pack as many books as they could in a box, regardless of how many titles that made the box contain.  So, the next part of my morning was spent checking the boxes and confirming I had what I ordered.  

By late morning, the books were all inventoried and accounted for so it was time to go pick up some of the maintenance and janitorial supplies that I get locally.  Susan decided she wanted to go with me, so we made it a Daddy/Daughter trip to pick up trash bags and some cleaning supplies with a lunch break thrown in between stops.  Lunch was hot dogs at Sam’s Club, which was Susan’s choice.  As we went in, there was the sound of thunder off in the distance.  After we had eaten and picked up the few things we needed there, the sound of a very close and very loud peal of thunder.  As the sound echoed through the building, the lights all went out and the sound of the thunder was soon replaced by the sound of multiple security alarms on items throughout the building.  We managed to check out with our items due to back up power supplies on the registers and headed outside into the rain.  

After a couple more stops, we made it home and I started going through the photos from the final day of our recent vacation.  As I worked on the photos, I also fired up the pellet grill to get dinner started.  Today’s photo is one from the last full day of our recent vacation.  I found it interesting as three different types of birds were perched upon various parts of the same light pole.  It made me think of John’s view of the throne of God as He wrote in Revelation about seeing an uncountable multitude that came from every tribe, nation, people, and language.  If every time we gather to worship with others and everyone around us looks just like us, it becomes far too easy to start thinking that is what heaven will look like.  When you consider the amount of conflict over worship styles that arises within church congregations filled with people who are very similar to each other, you may begin to wonder how such a vastly diverse group of people could ever worship together.  I think it’s really rather simple — when our worship focuses entirely on the one we worship and what He wants rather than on how we want to worship, there quickly becomes no room for conflict.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • It is pretty difficult to finish what you never begin, so if you want to finish early it is best to start early.
  • Sometimes it is tempting to give up when things become difficult.  Instead of giving up, it is better to find the right help so that you can reap the rewards of completion.
  • Efficiency on the part of someone else at their job may not lead to efficiency for you at yours.
  • It is always good to consider how your actions will affect those who have to deal with your results.
  • Sometimes putting more work into something at the beginning will result in greater efficiency later.
  • I am very thankful to be involved in a work/ministry where I can take my daughter with me as I accomplish part of my job.
  • When we rely on our own power, it is always good to have a back-up plan.
  • When worship is focused on God and what He wants (our entire heart, mind, soul, and strength), great diversity will worship in harmony.
  • When worship becomes about us and what we like, we ought to expect conflict.
  • With John’s glimpse into the throne room of heaven describing a very diverse crowd, we would do well to practice worshiping God with people who don’t look and speak exactly like we do.


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