What Do You SAY! (Sermon Audio)


This is the audio from the September 4, 2022 sermon, “What Do You SAY?”, shared by Tom Lemler at the North Wayne Mennonite Church.

Text:  Mark 8:22-37

When we encounter Jesus, our life ought to not only be different but it should also speak of Him to the world.  As you consider your relationship with Jesus, what does your life . . .

  • See.  Mark 8:22-26
    • What do you see God doing in your life?  How clear is it to you and to others?  As Jesus brought sight to a blind man in the text, it seemed to have required a further connection with Jesus to bring complete clarity.  Sometimes we are living life with a somewhat clouded view of spiritual things simply because we have not maintained the necessary connection with Jesus.  We can easily become satisfied with a casual relationship that doesn’t produce what God desires for us to see.  We have something real to say to the world when we use our connection with Jesus to help us see His work in our life.
  • Acknowledge.  Mark 8:27-30
    • Many people during the days Jesus was on earth thought good things about Him but failed to acknowledge who He really was.  When we talk about Jesus in generic terms that may be positive but fall short of Him being the Son of God, we create confusion and uncertainty in our own mind as well as in the sight of others.  We have something real to say to the world when we faithfully acknowledge Jesus as the Christ who came to save people from their sins.
  • Yield.  Mark 8:31-37
    • When I think of the work yield, I think of both the idea of submitting to someone else and of producing a good crop.  God makes it clear that we must deny our self in a way that fully yields to Him if we want to be His disciple.  It is only through this type of yielding that he produces within us a crop of faithfulness which yields a harvest of righteousness.  We have something real to say to the world when our life is fully yielded to Christ and is yielding a bountiful crop of the fruit of the Spirit.

Today, what will you SAY with your word and with your life?