Stories of the Heart: Representing Jesus While Waiting On FEMA! (12/20/21)


As expected, internet connection has not allowed the live video broadcasts while I am in Kentucky helping with disaster relief and cleanup and now my laptop computer has died so even posting stories is a bit more difficult.  Nonetheless, I will try posting some “Jesus in the midst of disaster” stories as I get the opportunity.

Here is one from last week:

Representing Jesus While Waiting On FEMA

As I walked from the truck to where we were picking up debris, I noticed a person looking through one of the large piles of debris along the road.  As I introduced myself, I asked if this had been their home.  It had been and she was just waiting for a person from FEMA that was to meet her there.  I asked about her story from the night of the tornado and since, then listened as she spoke of gratitude for her protection but sorrow for the loss which surrounded her.  We talked about the mess of this world and the love of God that was greater than any of the messes we experience or create.  We prayed together and prayed specifically that God would grant her favor in the eyes of the FEMA person she would soon be meeting with.  We prayed through tears, with her destroyed house in the background, that God would lead her to housing that was affordable and suitable for her and her family.  As I prayed God’s blessings to be upon her soon to happen meeting, the FEMA representative walked up and waited for our prayer time to finish before introducing herself and beginning the process she was there for.  I went on my way knowing the Jesus had been present as we waited on FEMA.

In prayer,