Encouragement and Prayer: A God Who Hears My Integrity! (10/12/21)


This is the audio from the October 12, 2021 live social media broadcast of encouragement and prayer by Impact Prayer Ministry’s director, Tom Lemler.

“Hear, O LORD, my righteous plea; listen to my cry.  Give ear to my prayer — it does not rise from deceitful lips.”
Psalm 17:1 (NIV)

This week’s prayer emphasis will have us praying about knowing a God who  hears.  It is a great comfort to know God’s promise that no matter where we are, He will be found by us when we seek Him with a whole heart.  He can be found by us because He hears us from wherever we are.

As you pray this week, ask God to help you grow in a confidence that He not only hears you, but that He wants to hear you!  Pray that you would live with integrity in all things so that no deceit would be found in your conversations with God.  Pray that God would purify your life and your prayers as you seek to communicate in all righteousness.

You can find the live video feeds of these encouragement and prayer times on Impact Prayer Ministry’s Facebook page.

In prayer,