Experiencing PEACE In the Storms (Sermon Audio)


This is the audio and outline from the October 3, 2021 sermon, “Experiencing PEACE In the Storms”, shared by Tom Lemler at the North Wayne Mennonite Church.

Text:  Mark 4:35 – 5:20

Life on earth is filled with troubles and “storms” of various kinds.  In fact, Jesus told us that we would have trouble in this world.  But He didn’t leave it at that, He promised a peace that only He could give as the One who has overcome this world.  Our text today looked at two very different storms — the external storm the disciples endured while out with Jesus in a boat and an internal storm that a man endured because of demonic activity.  Jesus brought peace to both of these storms and He can help us overcome our storms as in Him we experience . . .

  • Power.  Mark 4:39, Romans 1:16
    • A lack of peace in life is often experienced when we realize we are powerless in whatever our current situation is.  It is through experiencing the power of God in our life that we can not only find peace, but share that peace with others.  When we know the good news of God’s Word as “the power of God unto salvation”, we realize there is more to life than what we experience here on earth.  God’s power to prepare us for eternity should bring with it a peace that comes from knowing we are in His hands through whatever storms we may face.
  • Education.  Mark 4:40, John 14:1
    • As Jesus spent time with His disciples, He was constantly teaching them about Himself, about His Father, and about the kingdom of heaven.  His purpose was that they would learn to trust Him no matter what.  The various types of storms they would go through, including the storm of His trial and crucifixion, would serve to teach them about trusting God in all circumstances.  Even as we pray for God to bring peace to us in the midst of our storms, we ought to also be asking Him to teach us all that we need to know for our faith and trust to grow.  It is through this process of education that we learn to have greater peace with each passing storm.
  • Adjustment.  Mark 5:15, 1 Peter 3:10-12
    • Even when we know we need it, most people seem to find the process of making changes in their life to be an unpleasant task at best.  There are times in life when the storms simply won’t diminish until we are willing to make some adjustments to our thoughts and actions.  It is when we allow God to help us to “be fully clothed and in our right mind” that we find the storm replaced by a peace which surpasses all understanding.  When we use the education of God’s Word to direct the adjustments that need to be made in our thinking, we find adjusted actions soon follow which will both honor God and bring peace to our being.
  • Courage.  Mark 5:19, Matthew 28:19-20
    • One of the purposes of experiencing the peace of God is to bring us to a point of sharing that peace with others.  While it may be comfortable to just hang out with Jesus and bask in our new found peace, His desire is to fill us with the courage needed to tell others about all that God has done in our life.  Jesus gave that instruction to the man set free from demonic activity and He gave it to each of His followers in what we often refer to as the great commission.  Our peace is meant to motivate us to make disciples wherever we go.  We are to overcome our fears and weaknesses and live with the courage of His Spirit helping us to share with others about the peace we have in Christ.
  • Excitement.  Mark 5:20
    • With this peace that God wants us to have comes an excitement that we should not be able to contain.  When people see you living with a spirit of peace even as you experience the storms of life, God has created an opportunity for you to share the excitement that comes from living as a child of God.  Having peace before a storm, during a storm, and after a storm is possible when you realize the storms are always temporary and God’s love endures forever.  Living with this kind of peace ought to invoke a sense of amazement within your own life and in the lives of those that see the way God helps you to handle whatever circumstances come your way.  There is very little as exciting as living with true peace unless it is seeing others come to know that same peace in Christ because of your example.

Today, how do you need to experience God’s PEACE?