Encouragement and Prayer: Let Go Of Doubt! (07/26/21)


This is the daily devotion from the book, “Holding On and Letting Go” and the companion audio from the July 26, 2021 live social media broadcast of encouragement and prayer by Impact Prayer Ministry’s director, Tom Lemler.

Here is day sixteen with an important reminder to look beyond the doubts that creep into your mind as you learn to trust God fully even in uncertain times.

Let Go of Doubt

“But when he asks, he must believe and not doubt, because he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.”
James 1:6 (NIV)

How confident do you tend to be?  What is this confidence level based on?  What types of things are most likely to destroy your confidence?  Do you have doubt?  Has your current situation increased your doubts?  Why?  Do the doubts related to the uncertainty you face make you question if recovery is even possible?  What would it take for you to let go of doubt so that you can find hope?

For many, disaster can fill us with doubt so quickly that we lose hope that anything will ever be okay again.  While uncertainty in life is a given, serious doubt has a way of growing and infecting us way beyond that which is unknown.  When we allow our doubts to grow, we find that we begin to doubt if anyone even cares and those thoughts will eventually lead us to doubt God’s love.  When doubt fills our mind, it isn’t long before every thought we have is filtered through that doubt.  Letting go of doubt doesn’t remove all uncertainty, but it can open our minds to being able to trust both people and God more fully.  When doubt no longer has control of our thoughts, we are set free to walk by faith as we trust in God.  We may not know where the immediate help that we need will come from, but we trust that God will be with us both now and forevermore.  Letting go of doubt doesn’t mean that we all of a sudden get all of the answers we are looking for, but it means we no longer allow the lack of answers to have control over us.  Letting go of doubt allows us to be filled with a faith that trusts God to provide whatever we ask according to His will.

As you pray, ask God to help you evaluate how much the uncertainties of life have grown into doubt in your mind.  Pray that you would learn to face the unknown with faith rather than doubt.  Pray that God would help you seek His will as you walk, and ask, by faith each day.  Pray that you would have greater hope in the midst of chaos as you let go of doubt.

In prayer,