Serving God: Powerful Faith

It is my prayer that every Christian recognizes the importance of serving God through the way we serve others.  There are few things, if any, that are as emotionally exhilarating, and draining, as the task of serving others.  Having worked in a variety of ministry settings, including various roles within Christian camp ministry, I understand the excitement that often comes with the beginning of a new ministry or ministry season.  I also understand the weariness than can develop when our focus begins to drift away from the ministry of serving and onto ourselves.

This is day four in the sixth week of devotions from the book, “Serving God: Devotions for Active Worship”.  This devotional book is laid out in thirteen weeks of daily devotions with each week wrapped around an aspect of how we can serve others.  Each of these devotions are designed to help a person spend time with God to see how serving others is an act of worship.

Serving God:
Powerful Faith

And what more shall I say? I do not have time to tell about Gideon, Barak, Samson, Jephthah, David, Samuel and the prophets, who through faith conquered kingdoms, administered justice, and gained what was promised; who shut the mouths of lions, quenched the fury of the flames, and escaped the edge of the sword; whose weakness was turned to strength; and who became powerful in battle and routed foreign armies.
Hebrews 11:32-34 (NIV)

In what ways has God rescued you?  Have you ever accomplished something that you felt you were the only one who believed you could do it?  Have you ever done something that at one time you thought was impossible?  Do you often doubt God’s ability to do what He says?  Does your doubt ever keep you from serving in ways you know you should?  How would you serve differently today if you believed God could use you to accomplish great things? 

When the Bible talks about people of great faith accomplishing great things, we often read it with at least a mental disclaimer that that was them and not us.  Somehow we miss, or don’t believe, the scripture that says Elijah was a man just like us.  Turning the rain off and then on was not Elijah’s plan but rather God’s plan.  Even in the midst of great adversity and hard times, God not only rescued Elijah but used him to serve the people of Israel.  Our faith has power not because it causes God to do what we want, but because it puts us in a position to do what God wants. 

As you pray, ask God to fill you with a faith that seeks to serve according to His power.

In prayer,