Be the ONE (Sermon Audio)


This is the audio from the February 7, 2021 sermon, “Be the ONE”, shared by Tom Lemler at the North Wayne Mennonite Church.

Text:  Mark 2:13-28

Many times people look around and desire some type of change.  We want our home to be different, our workplace to be different, our community to be different, our nation to be different, and our world to be different.  Yet in all of our desire for things to be different, we often look for someone else to be the agent of change or to step in and accomplish all that we want with little to no effort on our part.  When we live as kingdom citizens, God calls us to be the one who lives for Him and represents Jesus in the midst of every area we live life in.

In this message we will look at three different interactions Jesus had with people as He calls us to be the ONE.

We act like Jesus when we choose to be, and call others to be the . . . 

  • Obedient: Mark 2:13-17 — In this text we see that when Jesus called Levi to follow Him, the calling was obeyed.  Jesus taught throughout His life on earth that obedience was an expression of love.  When we choose to obey God, we become the one who can represent Jesus to the people around us each day.
  • New:  Mark 2:18-22 — For those who were caught up in the traditions of men, Jesus made it clear that He was making all things new.  Because we have been made new, we no longer fit in the old container which was once our dwelling.  When we live as the new creation God has called us to be, we become the one who can call others to a changed life so that they also can be made new.
  • Equipped:  Mark 2:23-28 — To those who held fast to their interpretation of God’s laws and demanded that people served the law, Jesus called them to be equipped by the law rather than enslaved by it.  When we are able to gaze into the perfect law of God’s Word and find freedom, we are equipped to help other both find the one they need and be the one God calls them to be.

As you live life each day, spend time asking God to help you be the ONE who makes a difference by His power and Spirit.  Pray that you would be obedient to God in all things.  Pray that you would put aside the old self and live as new.  Pray that you would be a student of God’s Word in order to be equipped by it. 

In prayer,