The Heart of a Child: Follow Proper Training

Praying for children has been heavy on my heart during this current season of school and church buildings being closed with the need for social distancing, self isolation, and stay at home orders.  I pray often that families will be able to shield children to some extent from the negative emotions that cling to this COVID-19 pandemic.  This is day twelve of the devotions from my “The Heart of a Child” book to help each of us pray for a child of any age, including our age.  Through time in prayer, this devotional journal was written to help you understand, and live, some important traits of living and praying with the heart of a child.

Here is day twelve with an important reminder to give and follow proper training.

Follow Proper Training

“Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.
Proverbs 22:6 (NIV)

What are you good at?  How did you get that way?  How do you feel about training?  Why?  Have you ever thought you were good at something and then discovered there was a better way of doing it than what you had been taught?  How did you feel?  Have you ever had to learn something you thought you would never use but later found it to be a very useful lesson?  How did your attitude about the earlier training change?  How involved are you in training others for the future.

At the heart of any training is a process that rarely produces immediate results.  We train in order to become better at a particular skill set and we train others so that they would know how to do, or be, something that they currently are not.  But it is not just important that we train or provide training.  No, it is critical that the training we seek and pray about is proper in the eyes of God.  Practicing a skill incorrectly will not help us improve; it only serves to solidify a less effective means.  When we train a child of any age in the way they should go, we must be certain the instruction and training are based on the Word of God.

As you pray for a child of any age, ask God to help them follow proper training.  Pray that they would learn to appreciate the instruction that comes from God’s Word.  Pray that you would be equipped to provide proper training because of the training you yourself follow.  Pray that you would not lose heart when those around you do not appear to be responding to the training they receive — at least not in the time frame you think is appropriate.

In prayer,