Learning to FISH! (Sermon Audio)


This is the audio from the February 2, 2020 sermon, “Learning to FISH”, shared by Tom Lemler at the North Wayne Mennonite Church.

Text: Mark 1:14-28

When Jesus began to call His disciples to Himself, He called them to leave what they were accustomed to and become “fishers of men”.  In our life as a Christ-follower, we also are called to be “fishers of men”.  Here are some lessons we would do well to understand as we seek to learn to FISH.

Learning to fish includes learning to:

  • Follow:
    • Mark 1:16-18, John 10:4-5 — Many of us have great difficulty in following because we want to be the leader.  Christ ought to be the supreme example that we follow in all things.  The way we follow Jesus should help others to see the great value in being His disciple.  Our effectiveness in fishing for men will follow our consistency in following Jesus in all things.
  • Include: 
    • Mark 1:19-20, Romans 15:7 — When we learn to follow, we find that the following isn’t just for us.  As Jesus called the disciples to Himself, He added to the number with the expectation that those called first would include those called later.  This was not just true with the twelve, but it also was the expectation in the early church as it reached beyond all racial, economic, geographic, and any other barriers that existed.  Our effectiveness in fishing for men hinges on our ability and willingness to include all who Jesus would call to Himself regardless of how similar or different they are from us. 
  • Surrender:
    • Mark 1:22-26, Luke 14:31-33 — Related to following and including is our need to fully surrender.  As Jesus called the early disciples to Himself, they were soon exposed to the authority of Jesus even over evil spirits.  Being a disciple of Jesus isn’t something that takes place on our terms.  Jesus makes it clear that peace with God requires every one of us to surrender to Him unconditionally.  Our effectiveness in fishing for men will require us to not just talk and teach about surrender, but we must actually do it so that others can see it being done.
  • Hear:
    • Mark 1:27-28, Matthew 7:24-25 — Being a disciple that brings others into a discipleship relationship with Jesus involves a great need to hear.  When Jesus called the twelve to Himself and taught them and the crowds, there were many who would listen to His words but few who would actually hear what He was saying.  Those that did hear were amazed at His teaching which was nothing like the teachers they were accustomed to.  The proof of hearing is found in our willingness to put into practice the things Jesus taught.  Our effectiveness in fishing for men will be directly related to our willingness to hear in a way that changes everything we do.

We will grow in being the disciple Jesus calls us to be when we learn to FISH! 

It is my prayer that you not only learn to Follow, Include, Surrender, and Hear, but in doing so you would become an effective “fisher of men”.

In prayer,