2018: Page 53

Some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflections from the day:

  • The rain finally came to an end for the time being, but the moon and stars were still  hidden behind the clouds as I made my way to work.
  • My morning began with the tune, and eventually the words, of “Amazing Grace” running through my mind.
  • I suspect that the more often I consider the amazing grace God has extended to me, the more likely I will be to extend grace to others.
  • As I took the trash out, the birds were singing their beautiful songs to wake the sun, so I paused for a few moments to enjoy the symphony.
  • Once the building was ready for the day, I turned my attention to some missions accounting and record-keeping which led me to pray for the missions that our church helps to support.
  • As I worked, the birds came and went outside my office window.  Most of the berries are finally gone from the brush, so the birds didn’t stay around very long today.
  • I did have fun watching a squirrel who showed up with a large walnut that he buried in the soft ground beside the building.  
  • I wondered if this squirrel would ever return to reclaim this walnut or if someone else would come along and claim it for themselves.  It made me think of the difference between storing up treasure on earth and storing it in heaven.
  • I had some maintenance tasks and supplies to take care of which led me into mid-afternoon before I got away for what ended up being an extended lunch break.
  • After lunch I headed down to Potato Creek and eventually found one of the eagles that was willing to pose for some photos.
  • As I was ready to leave the park, I had a message that the alarm was going off in the building, so I headed back to work to see what I could figure out.  It seems there is a defective smoke detector somewhere in the building, but the control panel isn’t telling me where or which one.
  • So, what I thought was finishing work for the day ended up being the extended lunch break as I’m back at the building babysitting an alarm system until a service tech can resolve the problem.
  • As I’m “self-monitoring” the building, I thought about how dangerous false alarms can be.  With the fire alarm going off half a dozen times this afternoon/evening, it can be easy to assume that every incident is a false alarm and ignore the warning.
  • Ignoring warning signs just because nothing came of it once, is a good way to find ourselves asking how a terrible event just happened without us seeing it coming.
  • Today’s photo is of my squirrel friend as he carried his walnut to a new hiding spot.


2 thoughts on “2018: Page 53

  1. I’m on-call with a persnickety monitoring system – the weather has played havoc with the sensors and we’ve had maybe 5 alarms an hour since 4:30 AM this morning. The warm temps and now the cooling down is just too much for it to cope with. However the stakes are too high to ignore the alarms!

    • And I thought the alarm going off every hour was annoying. 🙂 Mine quieted down overnight and let me sleep, I hope we find a weather pattern soon that yours will tolerate.

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