2018: Page 48

Some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflections from the day:

  • The day began with the writing of yesterday’s page and then it has been a day of welcomed rest.
  • After having major issues with two computers I bought in early December, the replacement for the second one finally arrived this week so my restful day has been spent working on setting up the computer to replace one that has not been keeping up with the work I do.
  • If giving up is an option, finishing will rarely happen.
  • After a day of transferring files and reinstalling programs, I took a break and made dinner for my family.  I made mashed potatoes, green beans, and hamburger gravy.
  • It is interesting how the mind connects certain things based on past experiences.  The meal I made was the go-to menu when I was growing up to test our ability to handle solid food after one of us had been sick.
  • I suppose my mind could have connected the meal with being sick and I probably wouldn’t want to have it again.  But, instead, my mind connects it with getting better and I enjoy eating it all these years later.
  • I suppose our relationship with God is somewhat like that . . . some people view God’s laws as reminders of everything they’ve done wrong so they do what they can to avoid God.  Others view God’s laws as reminders of His love, mercy, and grace and draw closer to Him because of them.
  • The laws are the same, it is our response to them that makes all the difference.
  • I never made it out of the house, so today’s photo is a collection of shots I took yesterday that remind me of the beauty of God’s incredible creative work.

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