2018: Page 47

Some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflections from the day:

  • Page 47 began early and finished late, so I’m writing the page the next morning.
  • I thought waiting until my mind was fresh after a night’s sleep would help, but the specifics of what to include on this page are still elusive.
  • Most of the time it is good to question what should and shouldn’t be said, whether it is being said verbally or in writing.
  • As the day began, I thought a lot about how easy it is to focus on symptom management rather than do the hard work of addressing the actual problem.
  • Many times we are more concerned about looking good than we are about doing good.
  • My morning cleaning song included the lines, “How great is our God!  Sing with me, how great is our God!  And all will see how great, how great is our God!”
  • Sometimes I think our “rights” in America have become more important to many of us than our responsibilities as servants of God.
  • We would all be in big trouble if God thought the right to give people what they deserve was more important than the responsibility to love.
  • If there is one “right” we ought to value most above all other perceived rights, it should be the “right to be called ‘Children of God'”.
  • Many people like to claim that Jesus is “on their side”, but we would be better off to seek Him and place ourselves on His side.
  • By early afternoon I headed out to get lunch and pick up some supplies.  One of my stops was to pick up trash bags for work . . . it always amazes me how much we spend on bags that we fill with trash and throw away.
  • While I was out I made a quick stop at Potato Creek to spend some time with God while I waited for the building to clear out so I could get my evening work done.
  • The warmer weather and reduced snow cover seemed to have brought out a good variety of wildlife to view and photograph.
  • While each animal has their own enemy that I’m sure they are well aware of, it is always fun to watch the groups of waterfowl that usually seem to interact well with each other despite their vastly different appearances and practices.
  • It is good to know our enemy — God says our battle is not against flesh and blood — but it is also good to learn how to get along with people whose appearance and practices may be different than ours.
  • As I returned to the building to spend time cleaning and getting it ready for Sunday, I found that my mind had returned to the song from the start of my day — He really is a great God.
  • Today’s photo is of some of the waterfowl that were swimming together at Potato Creek.  


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