2018: Page 39

Some thoughts, reflections, and/or lessons from the day:

  • Page 39 was kind of the calm between the storms.  There was just a dusting of fresh snow overnight, so I didn’t have to spend much time outside to start the day.
  • My morning cleaning routine included a few minor maintenance issues to have the building ready for the day.  It is much easier to take care of the issues when I catch them, or are made aware of them, while they are minor.
  • Once the building was ready and the students arrived for the day, I put on my accounting hat and spent the morning working on the financial accounting and reporting that I’m responsible for.
  • With the sun out most of the morning, I was somewhat surprised that the birds were not filling the trees outside my office window . . . but there was one rabbit hopping around in the snow.
  • By early afternoon, the Friday forecast was not looking good so plans were discussed for the potential of cancelling school and church activities for the day.
  • It was still mostly sunny by mid-afternoon, so we headed out on a family adventure to see what we could find to photograph.  Sometimes it is so easy to just get home and sit after a full day that the hardest part of finding photo opportunities is simply getting up and going.
  • It was cloudy to the south, so we headed north with our first destination a search for a snowy owl.  We didn’t see one after a bit of driving in the area where it’s been known to hang out but had to call a time-out in the search to find a nearby town with a bathroom for Susan. 🙂
  • It was starting to cloud up around us so instead of going further north we headed back to look for the owl.  I finally saw her sitting in a vineyard a long distance from the road.  The first picture in today’s page was the best I could do even with long-range zoom and cropping of the photo.  It was still fun to see and good to know she was still around.
  • Sometimes we find what we’re looking for but it isn’t where we would like it so we have to simply choose to enjoy it where it is.
  • The cloud cover seemed to have some cracks in it, so we headed west and south to Michigan City where we were able to photograph the lighthouse and beach front scenes with an early sunset look to them.
  • On our drive, we were able to catch sight of a beautiful sundog shining brightly along one of the larger openings in the cloud cover.  This mini rainbow would grow and shrink depending on the amount of light that passed through the upper level moisture.
  • God can turn even our cloudy rain/snow filled lives into something of beauty when we allow His light to shine through the moisture of our tears.
  • After a walk along the beach and on the pier out to the lighthouse, we decided to take a longer route home in order to stop for dinner at a restaurant a friend co-owns.  They have great food and it is good to be able to help support this venture.
  • As we were driving, I commented that there had been some snowy owls sightings reported about a mile north of the main road we were on.  It wasn’t long after saying this that I noticed one sitting on top of a telephone pole right along the road!
  • After turning the truck around, we parked beside the pole and used the truck for a “hunting blind” as we got some good shots of this beautiful snowy owl.
  • The second photo on today’s page is a collage of three photos taken of this owl in the twilight of the evening.  These owls are fun to watch and I think they may enjoy watching us. 🙂



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