2018: Page 37

Some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflections from the day:

  • Another winter night and another early morning clearing snow from walks . . . and it sounds like this pattern is stuck on repeat for a while.  🙂
  • It was so beautiful outside and my mind focused on a line from an old hymn, “Now wash me and I shall be whiter than snow.”
  • I think the thought that struck me the most this morning was that as beautiful as the fresh snow was, I can be even purer than it as I allow God to cleanse me.
  • With the walks cleared, it was time to warm up with some coffee and turn my attention to the inside work that needed done.
  • There was to be a funeral dinner at the church today, so once the usual cleaning and building prep was done I turned my attention to cleaning and setting up the cafeteria area so it would be ready.
  • As I worked, my mind thought about the Growing Strong focus that the teaching part of Impact Prayer Ministry has.
  • Most people realize that growing strong physically requires work on our part yet many seem surprised at the suggestion that growing strong spiritually will also require work.
  • As I went about my various morning tasks, I prayed often for a family that was saying goodbye to a loved one today.
  • By late afternoon I had finished up my work tasks for the day so I headed home to pick up my family so we could go out to see what we could find to photograph.
  • Our first stop was to pick up my insulated overalls I had left at work as it sounds like I will need them again in the morning. 🙂
  • We spent a little time looking for a snowy owl in the area where it has been seen frequently, but we were unable to find it.
  • With no owl in sight, we headed to Lake Michigan to see what might be photo worthy there tonight.
  • The cloud cover had mostly hidden the sun but the water was extraordinarily calm for Lake Michigan which made for some great reflection shots.
  • When God says, “Be still and know that I am God”, I think that not only are we more aware of Him in our stillness, but we also are better able to reflect Him to others when we are still.
  • Today’s photo is of the reflected sun and clouds as the sun dropped behind a gathering bank of clouds.


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