2018: Page 36

Some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflections from the day:

  • With fresh snow overnight, I headed into work knowing I would have both inside and outside tasks to take care of before the start of the school day.
  • There wasn’t a lot of accumulation of snow, so I once again thought I would use the snow shovel as it was the easiest tool to get.  It didn’t take long before I realized that a better job would be done if I would just make the effort to get the leaf blower out and use it.
  • Sometimes the extra work to get the right tool for the job makes the entire process go better, and does a better job, than simply settling for what is convenient.
  • Words are a lot like that.  It is often easier, but less effective, to use “pat answers” and empty words than it is to take the time to find the right words to say.
  • It was cold outside, so once the walks were cleared I was very happy to get inside to a nice mug of hot coffee before starting the inside cleaning.
  • There was an extra issue I had to take care of before I could start either the outside or inside work, so I didn’t have much time to warm up with my coffee before needing to get the cleaning and prep done.
  • Sometimes the unplanned things of life become more urgent than the planned things and we just have to make the most of whatever time is available.
  • Once the building was ready for the day I settled into my Monday morning time with God as we worked on the prayer guide for next week.
  • With Valentine’s Day in the middle of next week, I thought I would do something focused on love and was surprised to discover that while I had previously written a prayer guide about our response to God’s love, I had not yet written one about the love we ought to have.
  • So, the morning was spent in God’s Word and prayer as I looked at some of what scripture has to say about the love we ought to express.  I eventually narrowed down the six daily topics I needed and was able to write, format, and schedule the prayer guide to be published on Sunday.
  • With the morning gone, I headed out to have lunch with a friend who needed some encouragement.
  • After resting a little in the afternoon, I headed to a funeral visitation to offer our condolences to a family.  While there is sadness in saying goodbye, the family is well aware of the eternal reward their loved one has now received.
  • Back home for a quiet evening, I sat down to write today’s page.  Snow is in the forecast again for the overnight hours, so I’ll try to head to bed early so I’m well rested for the day ahead.
  • Today’s photo is one I took before leaving home this morning as the moon hung brightly in the crisp early morning sky.


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