2018: Page 12

Here are some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflections from the day:

  • With a forecast of freezing rain, ice, and snow, I went to bed last night knowing the school was at least on a two-hour delay so I could sleep in some.  They ended up cancelling school for the day, so I didn’t go into work until after daylight.
  • My truck doors were frozen shut this morning but I was able to coax them open with a little gentle force. 🙂
  • The roadways were a combination of clear, slush, and ice but I managed to make it to work and up the hill without too much difficulty.
  • I started to clear the snow from the walks this morning but discovered that it was safer to leave the light covering of snow in place rather than expose the ice underneath.
  • Today’s devotional writing was focused on serving with endurance.  Sometimes we think that because serving is what we’re supposed to do, it ought to be easier than what it often is.  Endurance is one of the traits that keeps us going when serving becomes difficult.
  • The birds were very active outside my window while I was writing.  There was a small skirmish between a woodpecker and a flicker, but other than that all the different kinds of birds seemed to get along today.
  • I’ve always been able to get lost in books — it used to always be in reading them but now it is more often in writing them.
  • I kept busy writing until mid-afternoon and then turned my attention to getting the building ready for the weekend . . . I should have taken a lunch break between the two tasks.
  • As I cleaned the building I caught sight of the early stages of the sunset as the clouds began to show color around the edges.
  • There reached a time as I was cleaning that it seemed as if God was saying, “Just stop and look!   Be still and know that I am God!”  So, I stopped and looked. 🙂
  • For a day that I thought would be a shorter work day than a typical Friday, I managed to make it just as long as usual.
  • Today’s photo is one that I took during my “stop and look” segment of the day.  God lit up the sky with a glimpse of His beauty and I was fortunate enough to see it and capture a piece of it.


2 thoughts on “2018: Page 12

  1. Beautiful photo! Did you use a special filter? I have to agree about the snow on the ice being safer than exposing the bare ice! I wish the university would stop “polishing” the sidewalks when there is a layer of ice hidden underneath!!

    • Thanks! No filter but my camera has a “sunset” setting that tends to darken the exposure a little beyond what it looked like to the eye and this seems to bring the colors out . . . it looked pretty much like that when I took the picture only a little lighter overall.

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