2018: Page 11

Some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflections from the day:

  • Fifty degrees feels a lot warmer after a week of single digit temperatures than it does after a week of ninety degree temperatures. 🙂
  • The rain and warm temperatures worked together to melt a lot of snow . . . just in time for an expected temperature drop and more snow tomorrow.
  • I took my truck in for service today.  Regular service helps to catch potential problems before they become major issues.  Life is somewhat like that.
  • I received a call today from a prison chaplain I had sent a box of Impact Prayer Ministry resources to.  It was very encouraging to hear the excitement both about sharing the resources with the inmates and in using it themselves.
  • God knows what I need even before I do and He is better equipped to provide it than I am to obtain it on my own.
  • After a longer break than anticipated, I resumed work on another set of 13 weeks of daily devotions with each week wrapped around an aspect of how we ought to serve.
  • Today’s writing was on different ways we should serve with compassion.
  • For most of us, compassion is not a natural reaction to the sufferings of others . . . but it should be a supernatural reaction by God’s Spirit within us.
  • The source of our compassion ought to be our recognition of the suffering Christ did on our behalf.
  • When we “suffer with” someone, we are better equipped to walk out of the suffering together than if we just try to “give advice” from a distance.
  • By mid-day, the rain finally let up and the birds came out to enjoy the spring-like weather.
  • My truck was done after work so we picked it up and decided to go out looking for photo opportunities after a late lunch.
  • The rain returned by the time we were done with lunch and we struck out in our search for the snowy owl we had seen last week.
  • Our stop at the lake found a heavy fog lifting from the ice and shrouding the lighthouses.
  • The view was interesting but very difficult to photograph.
  • Today’s photo is of one of my morning visitors.  Sometimes I’m pretty sure the birds like to pose for the camera.


2 thoughts on “2018: Page 11

  1. The cardinals have been out an about in greater numbers than I’ve seen in past years. We had a pair in our little crab apple tree – haven’t seen them around before as they looked small and young. The big cardinal that hangs out in the back was around as were several other males and lots of females too.

    • Yes, the cardinals do seem to be out in greater numbers this winter. I have also been seeing a large number of finches joining the cardinals outside my office window, as well as a blue jay or two. 🙂

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