2017: Page 357

Page 357 has been another quiet day as I am trying to not get or fight off — I’m not sure which — the latest winter bug that seems to be roaming about.  My day began early, for a Saturday, as I prepared some pork shoulders to go on the pellet grill.  Once they were prepped and the pellet grill was warmed up, I put them on to begin the slow cook/smoke process to get them ready for a couple Christmas dinners.

While the grill was working away doing its thing, I spent some more time going through photos from the year in between times of rest.  The photos are from all seasons but with snow in the forecast, I chose one that reminds me of summer for the photo on today’s page.  I suppose there are things about each season that I’m not particularly fond of, but there are also things that I truly enjoy about each.  If I focus on photos of roses and the beauty of summer I find that I think more highly of the season than if I would collect photos of mosquitoes to remember it by.  🙂  Much of life is like that — we have a choice as to what we hold onto in our mind and that choice plays a huge part in determining how we view things.

The afternoon was more of the morning activities with a longer nap thrown in for good measure.  Shortly after the 10 hour mark on the grill, the internal temperature of the smaller of the pork shoulders was showing it to be done so I took it off and began the process of filling a crockpot and kettle full of pulled pork.  The three shoulders I had on the grill were slightly different sizes, so the progression of them getting done and my taking them off and pulling them went rather smoothly.  The last one just came off, so while it is cooling enough to handle I decided to write today’s page.  I still have the cleaning and building prep to do before church tomorrow, but with the snow in the forecast I may just get up early and do it in the morning as it sounds likely I will have to go in early anyhow.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • I am thankful for days of rest — especially when my mind and body make it clear that I need it.
  • Some things are much better if they are not rushed.
  • If you want something now, you probably should have started working toward it some time ago.
  • God tells us to take every thought captive because He knows that is how we can train our attitudes.
  • It is difficult, if not impossible, to only think about pleasant things because unpleasant things do happen.  
  • Even when we experience unpleasant things, we still have the choice about what we allow our mind to dwell on.
  • I prefer roses to mosquitoes. 🙂
  • Sometimes my planning works out and sometimes it doesn’t — God’s always does.


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