2017: Page 356

Page 356 ended up being a quiet work from home day.  The preschool had their Christmas program today and MJ needed to be to work early to make sure everything was ready for that.  Susan continues to recover from last week’s big seizure and the weather patterns have not been conducive to her sleeping well, so I stayed home with her so she could catch up on some sleep.  Most of my morning was spent deep within the beauty of my accounting software as I worked on current and end of the year missions finances.  Eventually, as the morning slipped away, Susan decided it was time for her to get up for the day so I made sure she found some clothes for the day then decided to give myself a haircut while she got dressed.

By afternoon I decided to straighten up my work area at home and reduce some of the pile of papers on my desk.  As I worked my way down through the pile, I kept coming across different gift cards to various places.  After filling a trash bag with things from my desk that I didn’t need, I decided to go online and see if I could find balances for these gift cards.  Some of them had not been used at all and still had the full amount listed on the card, others had been used and had odd amounts remaining, and still others had been completely used and had no balance.  All together, my desk cleaning project netted me $211.26 in gift card value to places that I frequent — not a bad bonus for a couple hours of cleaning.  Speaking of cleaning, the rest of my workday will take place sometime between now and early Sunday morning as I will need to clean bathrooms, floors, and doors as part of getting the building ready for our Sunday morning worship gathering.

With no new photos taken today, I chose one for today’s page that I took a few days ago.  It is interesting because it was from the evening we found the snowy owl and was able to get some photographs of it.  Any other day and the sunset scenes that I was able to capture would have gotten greater attention, but even this sunset photo of the Michigan City lighthouse with the Chicago skyline in the background took a back seat to the excitement of being able to find the snowy owl.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • I always find it interesting when people think that it’s special when I arrange my day to care for the needs of my daughter.  It is special that I have the flexibility to do that, but I’m pretty sure the actual doing it is what I’m supposed to do. 🙂
  • I suppose it’s partly because I’m so detail oriented, but few things raise red flags in my mind about organizations as quickly as a lack of financial integrity.
  • Numbers and I get along well . . . no middle ground, we are what we are. 
  • I suppose it’s a self-conscious  thing, but I get embarrassed easily — even about things that shouldn’t be that big of a deal . . . like trying to use a gift card that may or may not have a balance on it.
  • Little things add up.  That can be good or bad depending on the nature of the little things.
  • Sometimes things captivate us so much that we miss all of the other things we ought to be noticing also.


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