Every Day Christmas

Christmas comes just once a year,
at least that’s what they say.
But think how different life would be,
with Christmas every day!

The things we do to celebrate,
would surely have to change.
To give each other “stuff” each day,
would really seem quite strange.

But what would happen if we gave,
the greatest gift of love?
And shared it every day we lived,
as we receive it from above.

The greatest gift of Christmas,
is not a shirt or tie.
Instead it was a baby,
who came to earth to die.

From One who really had it all,
the gift was not more “stuff”.
Instead the gift was His own love,
and that would be enough.

So when you’re feeling empty,
with nothing left to give.
Remember Christ, our Savior,
who came to earth to live.

He brought no treasure with Him,
no “pavement” from above.
But yet He kept on giving,
the abundance of His love.

For Christmas to come every day,
at least within our heart.
To share God’s love with everyone,
would be the place to start!

So, instead of counting dollars,
why not add up all God gives.
Then go out spreading peace and joy,
to everyone who lives!

© 2017 by Tom Lemler

As I began the work week leading into Christmas, this poem showed up in my mind.  Christmas is a time of year when the thoughts of many people turn toward giving — even if they are not all that inclined to give at any other time.  For many, great work and effort is put into finding “just the right gift” for each person in their gift-giving circle.  Yet what happens when Christmas is over?  Is it back to life as usual where it is all about me and what I can obtain?  I can’t keep the spirit of Christmas alive all year or I would go broke buying new gifts each day!  But what if I looked beyond the shopping and saw the real gift of Christmas is love?  You see, unlike the traditional Christmas gifts, love actually increases as we give it.  When the gift we give is love, we will always have enough to have Every Day Christmas!

In prayer,


5 thoughts on “Every Day Christmas

  1. I’m sitting here in the hospital facing possible amputation of one of my toes. I just read your poem , it was beautiful, just what I needed.
    Thank you

    • You’re welcome! I pray that you, the doctors, and medical personnel are filled with great wisdom as decisions are made and that God would surround you with people who bring you His peace.

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