2017: Page 343

After a Friday that leaked into Saturday, it was good to sleep in and have a restful day for page 343.  The snow that had been predicted arrived overnight and with it continuing to fall through the morning, I wasn’t too eager to go out and take a chance with all of the “first snow of the season” drivers that seem to forget how to drive on snow each year.  

The morning was spent writing yesterday’s page and then spending some time going through photos.  I received an offer to have photo calendars printed at half-price, so I decided to put together a lighthouse themed 2018 calendar.  There were far too many lighthouse photos to go through and most of them I liked — that’s why I took them — but by the time I chose some favorites and added some of Mary Jane’s favorites, I had about 50 photos for 13 spaces in the calendar format.  We eventually narrowed it down to 13 photos and one extra.

The selection process was barely done when I got a phone call from the security monitoring company that the alarm system at the building had been set off.  So I bundled up and headed out into the snow to see what was up.  The alarm ended up not being a big deal, but you never know until you check it out.  While I was there I started up the snowblower and cleared the walks.  They will probably need done again in the morning, but at least the first few inches will have already been cleared off.

After clearing the snow I came home and returned to work on the calendar project.  After seeing the photos laid out on the template, we ended up using the “extra” to replace one of the “chosen ones” — sometimes you just have to see things in their final settings to realize what works and what doesn’t.  Today’s photo is the one that made the initial selection but was then replaced by the “extra”.  It is definitely not a bad photo, but when laid out on the page beside the others, it was too similar to another chosen photo and wasn’t the right fit for this project.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Changing conditions often require us to adjust how we do things.  
  • If we fail to make proper adjustments, we often find ourselves involved in chaos.
  • Even when we prepare for things the way they are, the actions of others can be unpredictable.
  • It can be difficult to change the ways we do things even when we know we need to.
  • Days of rest are best spent with family.
  • I take photos to capture the scenes that get my attention.  
  • I share photos with the hope and prayer that others will see the beauty and creativity that God surrounds us with.
  • When tasks are expected to increase, such as accumulating snow, it can be helpful to tackle it in stages while it is more manageable rather than have to do it all at once.
  • Thoughts and ideas can sound good, but sometimes they need to be seen in their in the context of their natural settings to know if they are right.
  • Just because something doesn’t fit where you think it should have doesn’t mean it is bad — it might just need to be in a different setting to find where it belongs.

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One thought on “2017: Page 343

  1. All good take-aways! A friend of mine braved the winter weather last year to get a photo of the St. Joseph lighthouse wreathed in ice and with waves crashing over it. It is an amazing photo but there is no way I’d stand in a gale force wind being pelted with ice just to take a photo! She took a selfie afterward and her eyelashes were crusted in ice!

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