2017: Page 339

Page 339 began with an annoying dream . . . well, I don’t know if the dream was actually annoying as I don’t remember much of it, but I do remember the annoying buzzing sound that I kept searching for the source of during the dream.  Eventually I found the source and turned off the alarm, got up, dressed, and headed to work. 🙂  It was another morning of prayer, cleaning, and building prep without a soundtrack in my mind.  While I enjoy the mornings that my mind is filled with songs, I also enjoy the mornings of quietness.  Today’s morning routine included some small maintenance issues before I turned my attention to working on some more details for the upcoming New Year’s Eve Watch & Pray vigil.  As I worked, the brush outside my window came alive with songbirds feasting on the bountiful crop of berries that are still present.  Today’s photo is of one of those birds as it sat for a moment contemplating its next move.

As I worked, some thoughts that have been rolling around in my head about another devotional book began to gel together.  After working on the prayer vigil for a while, I began to put together the cover file and outline for what I believe will be another collection of thirteen weeks of daily devotions.  Based on positive feedback from camp ministry leaders about my previous book with a similar format, my thoughts, plans, and prayers are to have this complete in time for the Christian Camp Leaders’ Conference in late January.  The working title comes from an aspect of my retreat and seminar teachings as I’m looking at “Growing Strong” for the title.  Each week will wrap around a specific topic of how we ought to serve with the strength God gives us.

As I worked at laying out the outline for the book, I remembered that I did not get around to the formatting and scheduling of next week’s prayer guide for publication.  One of the reasons I like to write the following week’s prayer guide early in the week is because it gives me time to finish all aspects of it if something comes up while I’m working on it.  So I finished up the initial layout of the book and then got the next prayer guide ready to send out early Sunday morning.

By the time my workday was over I got a late lunch on the way home and did some checking on possible lodging for future conferences before finally giving in and taking a nap.  When I woke up it was time for dinner before I sat down to write today’s page.  With the writing nearly done, I hope the nap doesn’t make it difficult for me to fall asleep when I finish with this.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Sometimes dreams seem very real because there are real elements that sneak into them.
  • When the buzzing won’t stop, it is usually a good idea to figure out why. 🙂
  • A morning routine is useful; not only for getting things done, but also for noticing when things need attention.
  • Since true worship is done in “spirit and in truth”, the setting is not nearly as important as the heart.
  • Very few things happen just because we, or someone else, thinks they should — normally they happen because somebody did the work required to move an idea from dream to reality.
  • It is fun to watch the joyful activity of the birds as they discover a bountiful food supply.
  • Sometimes ideas remain ideas because it is not their time and sometimes they remain ideas because we don’t want to do the work to make them actually happen.
  • Once I am convinced it is God behind the ideas rolling around in my mind, it is fun to watch how quickly He can turn them into reality when I begin to work on them.
  • Encouragement from others regarding past work goes a long way in motivating progress on current work.
  • It is good to leave room in your life, and in your schedule, for the unexpected.


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