2017: Page 326

Page 326 was a slow-paced day and I still didn’t get around to writing the page before I went to bed.  The school and preschool were out for Thanksgiving break so I didn’t have to go in early to do the cleaning and prep for the day.  It was good to be able to sleep in and even better to let Susan sleep and catch up on her rest as the up and down weather seemed to have caught up with her.

Susan made it almost to noon by the time she was ready to get up, so while she slept I worked on the sermon for Sunday and took care of some details that will allow Impact Prayer Ministry to qualify for a matching grant to donations given next Tuesday through Facebook as part of their Giving Tuesday promotion in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  I don’t like gimmicks and fads all that much, but I do like the idea of maximizing the dollars that people are willing to give so that Impact Prayer Ministry can provide teaching and resources to people who desire to grow in their relationship with God through prayer.  So, on November 28 I will have a fundraiser open on Facebook for Impact Prayer Ministry with the potential for the first $1000 given to be matched by the foundation.

By late afternoon it was time for a change of scenery, so we headed up to Lake Michigan to photograph the sunset.  It was a bit brisk along the lakefront, but it ended up being a beautiful sunset so I’ll keep with the theme of rest and let a few of the photos add their “thousand words” to today’s page. 🙂

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