2017: Page 308

Page 308 was an interesting day in so many ways.  I was awake shortly before sunrise so I got up and went for a walk to capture some of the morning beauty.  One benefit of my morning work routine including prayer and worship as I work, is that doing so becomes a lifestyle whether I’m needing to do the “morning prayer, cleaning, and building prep” routine or not.  Typically as I go about my morning tasks in an attitude of prayer, a worship song will fill my mind and stay with me throughout the day.  The songs always are an encouragement to me even though I rarely know why a particular song becomes the soundtrack for that day.  To this point they have never been prophetic, only encouragement.  I write that because today’s soundtrack was the song that says, “Soon and very soon, we are going to see the King!  Hallelujah!  Hallelujah!  We’re going to see the King!”  

This has been a tough weekend, and especially today as my social media “memories” feed reminded me of another event that began with such excitement and promise but eventually blew up in my face.  And yes, I can see how God used that and trained, strengthened, and equipped me through the process, but that still doesn’t mean that I fully know how to completely deal with all of it.  As I was out on a walk this afternoon, the verse from today’s soundtrack that says, “No more crying there, we are going to see the King.”, filled my mind.  I know this will likely sound strange to many people, but while I do have times that I am filled with great sorrow and grieve deeply on many occasions, I rarely cry.  It’s not that I’ve been taught that “big boys don’t cry”, I don’t think I have the ability.  I don’t know that I would have even recognized that as being possible if it weren’t for my daughter’s neurological issues that make crying something that she just doesn’t do.  She and I seem to share a common thread in that the emotional wiring in our brains is short-circuited somewhere.  She has times when I think she is sad and wants to be sad like everyone else, but it comes across very awkward — I get it.  Anyhow, that little side trip in my mind made me think how easy it is to be misunderstood and to misunderstand others.  It is still a continual growing and learning process, but I wish I would have had a greater understanding of Susan much earlier, and thus a greater understanding of myself.  

I had hoped to use my time away to get some writing done today, but when I pulled up my book files I discovered that I had not finished as much of the preliminary work as I had thought.  So, instead of writing I worked at refining the daily topics that will make up the book and then did the initial formatting of the book with the daily topics in place so it will be ready to start writing each day’s devotional thoughts.  After I had all of the initial setup done, I headed back out for another walk where I took today’s photo of these two beauties trying to figure out what I was doing in their territory.  The deer here are friendly and seem to appreciate my talking to them as much as the ones back home at work do.  When I came back from my afternoon walk, I laid down to rest for a while which ended up taking the rest of the afternoon.  When I got up, it was time to fix supper and then I sat down to write today’s page when we were finished eating.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • When you make a deliberate effort to incorporate prayer and worship into your routines of life, it isn’t long before they become a natural part of those life routines.
  • Thinking, and singing, about seeing Jesus ought to be an encouragement to anyone who is in Christ.
  • Sometimes things stack up in my mind and I don’t even realize how big the stack is until it begins to fall.
  • I would say that my mind is not normal, but I’m not sure who defines what normal is.
  • Susan helps me to understand myself, and understanding myself helps me to understand her better.
  • Sometimes the preliminary setup work of a project takes longer than the rest of the project.  Often times it is what makes the project successful.
  • As I continue a “being strong in the Lord” emphasis, today’s focus was on growing naturally — no shortcuts, we grow by a steady diet of God’s Word and prayer as well as regular exercise of our faith.
  • I’ve gotten slack in my regular exercise of walking and need to be more diligent about returning to it.


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