The Ark of God’s Presence

I drift alone on open sea.
Where waves of darkness cover me.
And as I drown within my mind.
There is no peace that I can find.

The water tosses me about.
Will it hold on or throw me out?
With each new crashing wave I feel.
I lose more hope that I can heal.

Yet in my darkest lonely hour.
The waves are not the only power.
I feel it near, though faint it be.
I’m not abandoned to the sea.

As I ride these wild waves.
I call out to the One who saves.
Lord, I need help; I’m too tired to swim.
I raise my voice and call to Him.

And while the waves still crash about.
And often I’m not lifted out.
I look around, and look above.
And know the presence of His love.

The crashing waves don’t seem so dark.
When I view them from His ark.
They’re still around me, this is true.
But I have His love to see me through!

© 2017 by Tom Lemler

I know there are people who don’t think I should write about the struggles I have, yet these poems show up in ways that make me feel it would be terribly wrong not to share them.  I don’t know why my mind functions, or doesn’t function, in the way that it does, but I do hold fast to the One who created it and understands how to use if for His glory.  This poem was one that just showed up in my mind and it wasn’t until I was typing the end that I realized God was using it to remind me that He has prepared the ark of His presence to carry me through the storms of life so that I don’t have to ride the waves alone.  I pray that He would use this poem to encourage others as He has encouraged me through it. 

In prayer,


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