Just a Moment

If just one more moment
was all that we had.
Would it bring joy,
or would it be sad?
And while you do ponder
just which it would be.
There’s a larger picture
I want you to see.

Our life’s filled with moments,
they all do pass by.
Some we have planned,
others make us ask why.
There are moments we notice,
and some we ignore.
Some make us excited
and some are a bore.

But back to the question
of happy or sad.
You get to choose
which moment you had.
For even in darkness
and bitterest thought.
You can make the choice
to do what you ought!

The moment is changed,
not by what you receive.
But by the gift you do offer
because you believe.
When you share God’s love
in just a moment of time.
You open a window
to a moment sublime.

So, seize this here moment,
it may be all that you have.
And speak of God’s mercy
like a cool, healing salve.
Be kind to a stranger
and strengthen the weak.
Then you’ll find that your moment
is the one you did seek!

© 2017 by Tom Lemler

This poem rolled out of my mind this morning though I’m not sure what prompted it nor what God will choose to do with it.  I suppose that is how the moments of life are — we either share them with others as an act of encouragement, or we keep them to our self and miss the blessing that God wanted to give us as well as someone else.  I pray that no matter how bad things may appear, that my moments are made better by what I give to others.

In prayer,


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