2017: Page 245

Page 245 was a restful Saturday — so restful that I’m not sure I have a lot to write today, we’ll see. 🙂  After a late night yesterday getting the cleaning done, my first task this morning was to write yesterday’s page.  On one of my trips upstairs to check on Susan, I noticed the sun dancing brightly outside on the sunflowers.  Susan wasn’t ready to wake up, so I grabbed my camera and spent a little time outside photographing the flowers in the morning light.  Today’s photo is the first one I shot this morning and it quickly became a favorite of mine.  When I first downloaded it off the camera, I cropped out what I considered the excess blank space on the left side of the photo.  To me, it just didn’t look right so I restored it to the way I shot it.  By reducing the amount of dark space, the light reflected off the sunflower just didn’t seem to be as brilliant.  While we don’t like the darkness, it is often in the darkest of times that the brilliance of the light of Jesus can reflect most brightly off of us if we allow it to shine fully upon our face.

After taking some photos, I got out the clippers and gave myself a haircut as I was starting to feel a little shaggy.  By the time I was done and cleaned up, it was time to fire up the pellet grill to cook lunch.  Once the grill was going, I rustled Susan out of bed so she could get her day started.  She seemed to be extra tired today and I suspect the seizure activity throughout the week, although fairly mild, has added to her tiredness.  

Once lunch was done and eaten, the rest of the day was spent relaxing with some computer game time and researching some Labor Day sightseeing plans.  Throughout all of the rest and relaxation, the sermon for tomorrow morning continued to simmer as God refines it.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Rest is good and it is good to have work to rest from.
  • The brightness of the light of God doesn’t change based on the darkness surrounding us, but the darkness can make the light more noticeable.
  • When we find ourselves in the midst of dark times in our world, we are in a good position for God’s light to be reflected off of us clearly.
  • You won’t reflect what isn’t shining on you.  It is important to keep your face turned toward Jesus.
  • Sometimes we need a “haircut” to get rid of the “shagginess” of life.
  • It is difficult to know just how much rest someone else needs.  Knowing what they’re going through, however, may give you a greater understanding of why they need to rest.
  • Even as I rest and relax, God continues to work in my heart and mind.


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