Trading Shoes

Walk a mile in my shoes
and you won’t get too far.
But a mile’s a mile,
by foot or by car.
And if you should travel
a mile in these shoes.
There’s something you learn
by the choice that you choose.
In the shoes of another,
I think you will find.
A view of their life
and a glimpse of their mind.

A mile that’s spent walking,
with shoes or without.
Can help you to learn
what a person’s about.
Perhaps you would see
the life that’s inside.
And know the great pain
that they do try to hide.
Or you’d see some great wisdom
that their life is about.
That you never have noticed,
it’s not something they shout.

And as you keep walking
perhaps you will see.
There’s not that much difference
between you and me.
There’s usually a reason
we act as we do.
And perhaps we would find it,
if we would trade a shoe.
This walking together
so we understand.
Is not just more pleasant,
it is just what God planned.

© 2017 by Tom Lemler

Often times we are quick to point out the faults of another while overlooking our own.  Jesus talks about our tendency to point out the speck in the eye of another while ignoring the plank in our own.  I think one of the reasons for that is we become accustomed to our own faults and because of our understanding of them, we easily make excuses as to why we don’t deal with them.  It is a lot easier to judge others than to “walk a mile in their shoes” in an attempt to understand them.  Perhaps if we would “trade shoes” for a day, or at least spend deliberate time watching the unseen life of another, we just might gain a greater understanding that is filled with much less judgment.  So, let’s keep walking together and “perhaps you will see; There’s not that much difference, between you and me.”

In prayer,



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