2017: Page 236

Page 236 began early with another morning that required a jacket to start the day.  The cool temperatures overnight have made for some very pleasant days recently — especially for late August.  I began the day with the usual prayer, cleaning, and building prep combination, then spent some time writing yesterday’s page.  I’m starting the writing of today’s page much earlier, so hopefully I can get back in the pattern of finishing the day with a written page instead of writing it the next morning.  I suppose it would help if I could figure out the rest I need and why what I get doesn’t seem to be enough.

I have two book projects rolling around in my mind, so once the building was ready for the day and the page was written, I turned my attention to the setup and outlining of these next projects.  One of them should be another 13 week volume in the “Devotions For Those Who Serve” series that I wrote last year.  The other project has started out to be another 31-day devotional journal, but I’m not certain that will be the format it ends up in.  The working title is “Here Am I: Pursuing a Sacred Calling in the Midst of Everyday Life”.  It will be a prayer-based devotional book, I’m just not sure if it will follow the 31-day format of my most recent writings.

By late morning the sky had gone from overcast to partly cloudy, so went outside to see if the grass was dry enough that I wanted to mow.  Today’s photo is part of what I found when I went out.  This young deer was standing along the edge of the woods keeping an eye out for unwanted visitors.  Between the sun and the breeze, the grass was mostly dry so I decided to start the mowing today to lessen what needs done tomorrow.  It was an interesting afternoon of mowing as this young deer was briefly joined by its mom and its twin.  I also spent some time observing a hawk that was watching me quite closely and then saw a fox at each end of the field I was mowing.  The hawks and deer are pretty regular visitors, but begin able to see the fox out is a much rarer treat.  When I finished mowing the large ball field, it was mid-afternoon and I decided that was enough mowing for the day so I put the mower away and prepared to call it a day.  As I sat in my office to shut down my computer, a hummingbird buzzed my window then went out to collect some nectar from the flowering brush.  I managed to capture a photo of it that is probably my favorite hummingbird photo I have taken so far.  With posting a hummingbird photo on yesterday’s page, I went with the deer photo for today’s page and put the hummingbird on Facebook. 🙂

As I left work, I headed to a late lunch then went home to relax a bit and ended up taking a nap again today.  This nap was shorter than previous days, so maybe I am finally getting used to the school year schedule or am kicking whatever bug has drained me of energy.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Weather that I view as cool turning to pleasant, others may view as cold and uncomfortable and still others may see it as hot and unbearable.  Sometimes differing opinions are just that — different.
  • Truth doesn’t change just because we respond to it differently than others.  We may like it or we may dislike it, but our likes and dislikes will never change what it is.
  • God’s Word is truth.  
  • For me, writing is easier when I listen and write without an agenda.
  • Writing without an agenda isn’t the same as writing without a purpose.  I believe God always has a purpose for the writing that comes from my listening to Him.
  • God wants us to always be alert as our enemy prowls about seeking to destroy us.
  • It is easier to walk about in freedom when we are aware of the dangers surrounding us.
  • We can walk in even greater freedom when we realize we have a protector that we can run to when the enemy closes in and tries to destroy us.


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