2017: Page 235

Page 235 was a usual day
as I went about my tasks in a usual way.
But that doesn’t mean there was nothing to learn
as I did my usual work for the paycheck I earn.

As I thought about the day, the little rhyme above came to mind so I decided that was a good way to begin this page.  The day began with the typical prayer, cleaning, building prep, and taking out trash combination that most weekdays begin with.  One result of writing these daily pages is that it helps my daily routines from becoming empty routines.  Even when I need to do the same things day after day, these pages remind me that there is more being done than just the routines.  Some of the most routine work we do can easily become the most effective work we do as we center those routines in prayer.  

These daily pages and my social media postings also help me to notice the larger routines of life.  Sometimes they serve as reminders that I’ve been in this situation before and God saw to it that I survived.  I don’t know if it is seasonal allergies, a seasonal change in my daily schedule, or simply the common ebb and flow of life; but I can look back at what I wrote a year ago and see that my days were a struggle to stay alert and that I was taking a nap each day after I made it home from work.  So when I find myself doing that same thing now, I can look back and see that whatever the cause, or causes, of the tiredness was, it didn’t last.  I eventually overcame, or adjusted, or simply moved on with life and the tiredness dissipated and until it struck again, I had pretty much forgotten that it had happened.

Once the building was ready for the day, most of my workday was spent doing some organizing and working on the content portion of the spiritual growth retreat concept I am putting together.  As I worked, I caught the movement of a hummingbird outside my office window.  There are a few hummingbirds that enjoy the flowering vines growing at the edge of the woods and I enjoy seeing them “in the wild” with no artificial feeders around to attract them.  With no feeder to drink from, these tiny birds are in constant motion and I’ve tried numerous times to photograph one with no luck until today.  Today’s photo is of the larger of the hummingbirds that stop by.  Not only does it keep in near-constant motion, it tends to blend in well with the leaves around it making it difficult to see and focus on them as they hover for a moment.

After work I stopped for a free birthday lunch courtesy of Wings Etc.  I’m on several email lists that provide birthday rewards, so it is good to enjoy the results of adding another year of life to my accomplishments. 🙂  At home I unwound with some computer games, then laid down and took a nap.  I began the nap early enough that I made it up in time to join my mom and dad for dinner to celebrate my dad’s birthday.  It was good to spend time with them and enjoy a meal together.  After dinner, we made our way home and I sat down at the computer to write the day’s page.  My mind was simply too tired to put the words together for the page, so I watched a little TV before shutting down the computer and heading to bed.  The page would wait until the next morning when my mind and body were refreshed.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Usual doesn’t have to be pointless and routine doesn’t have to be meaningless. 
  • God has lessons for us to learn all the time.  We need to be better at paying attention.
  • If your routines seem too routine for your liking, try including a prayer focus with them.
  • Looking back momentarily can remind us of God’s faithfulness as we walk forward with Him each day.
  • Reminders of God’s faithfulness should serve to help our faith grow.
  • Our movements as a Christian ought to help people notice God even when we feel small.
  • Sometimes pausing to rest can help us be more effective in completing the work God has for us.


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