2017: Page 184

After two weeks with long daily schedules, page 184 was half work and half rest.  I began the day with the work part, as I spent time with God writing and then formatting and scheduling the prayer guide for next week.  Part of my morning scripture reading referred to receiving counsel from God’s laws.  As that verse simmered in my mind, the topic of wise counsel became the starting point for the prayer guide.  God’s Word has quite a bit to say about the counsel we give and the counsel we seek and receive.  Paul warns Timothy that there would be people who would refuse the wise counsel of sound doctrine and look for someone who would “tickle their ears” with what they wanted to hear.  We live in a time when educational degrees of any kind are more important in many churches than sound doctrine and the purity of the Word of God.  God’s desire is that His people — all of His people and not just the leaders — would both seek and give the wise counsel that is founded on His Word.

As morning turned to afternoon, I finished up the work on the prayer guide and fired up the pellet grill to get lunch started.  After lunch, the remainder of the day was the rest part.  I spent a little time working on an end of summer getaway that we want to do, but wasn’t having much success getting any lodging booked.  The afternoon also included a nap and a new poem that came out of my rest time as I reflected on my niece’s wedding which I had the privilege of officiating this past Saturday.   I titled the poem, “The Preacher’s View”, and I suspect that I will post that separately some time.  But for those who follow my daily page, you get a first look — well, not quite a first look as I’ve already shared it with the bride. 🙂

The Preacher’s View

I have a secret,
between me and you.
Sometimes the preacher
has the very best view.
The day was a beauty
but so was the bride.
As she stood in the doorway
with the groom by my side.
The planning was finished,
the work would now start.
As she walked down the aisle
to give her whole heart.

With each step moving closer,
I could see in her eye.
Some seeds of the tears
that she didn’t want to cry.
On this happy occasion,
as she walked toward her groom.
There was a good presence
that entered the room.
The bride and her father
were walking toward me.
And with them the presence
of her sister, Bre.

I stood for a moment
with a lump in my throat.
As I retrieved my glasses
from out of my coat.
I must continue,
so I drew a deep breath.
And heard a sweet voice,
not silenced by death.
“I can do all things
as He strengthens me.”
Was the opening whisper
that I heard from Bre.

And so I continued,
with a witness unseen.
And a beautiful couple
in this wedding scene.
There was another
who looked on from above.
For God is the author
of this thing we call love.
His presence was with me,
and I pray it’s with you.
As you glance for a moment
at this preacher’s view.

© 2017 by Tom Lemler

After the poem was out of my head and typed through my keyboard, I rested and set up my camera for the fireworks show that never came.  The previous three nights had ended with a fireworks display from the fairgrounds that we could see from our porch.  Since the fair was still going on and the Fourth had not yet arrived, I assumed the day would end with another fireworks show.  With no fireworks lighting up the sky, I went online to check the fair schedule and found that my waiting was in vain.  Well, it wasn’t exactly in vain because I did get some good photos of the moon and the night sky lit up by God.  Today’s photo is of the moon passing through a gap in the nighttime clouds.  The light that it is reflecting from the sun was enough to illuminate the surrounding clouds with the sun’s light.  Are you and I reflecting enough of the light of Jesus that we are able to illuminate the area around us with His light?

After staying up late to photograph fireworks which never arrived, I headed off to bed to get some sleep, leaving the writing of today’s page to wait until morning.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Sometimes our responsibilities call for extended effort and work which we should do with great diligence and cheerfulness.
  • The examples of God in creation and Jesus as He walked this earth, teaches us that we need times of rest as well as times of work.
  • God’s desire is that we would receive, and give, wise counsel that is based on the truth of His Word.
  • Many times we have to listen to people with viewpoints that are different than ours if we want to receive the full counsel that God desires for us to have.
  • The truth of God’s Word and sound doctrine should not be negotiable in the lives of believers.
  • The view we have during an event in life will help shape what we learn from it.
  • There is a “great cloud of witnesses” that surround us in all we do.  
  • Man can light up the sky for a few moments with beautiful fireworks display.  God lights it up each night through the elements which exist by His word.


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