2017: Page 182

Page 182 was a great day even though I was up way too early and stayed up way too late.  I began the day by doing the writing of the previous day’s page and then settled in to spend time going over both the wedding ceremony notes for the evening and the sermon notes for Sunday.  I had typed out the wedding ceremony on my iPad, but spent the time to retype it on my computer — both so I could do more with the printing of it but also so I could proofread and refresh it in my mind through the process of reading it and typing it.  I found myself making minor adjustments to the wording and even moved some complete sections of it so the ceremony would have a better flow to it.

By noon, Susan was finally ready to wake up so I go her clothes ready for the day and set out her breakfast before firing up the pellet grill to start lunch.  As I worked on the bacon cheeseburgers, I shot some photos of the flowers blooming in the flowerbeds around the house.  By mid-afternoon, it was time for a short nap before getting ready for the wedding.  I’m not sure how nervous the bride and groom were, but I think could have equaled whatever level they were at — if not exceeded it as I worried about making sure my part was just right and did nothing to distract from the day.  It was a beautiful wedding seen from a perspective that is not common for me — the front of the platform.  It truly was an honor and privilege to officiate this wedding for my niece.  

After the wedding and reception, we drove home surrounded by the beautiful scene of the setting sun.  It wasn’t long before the 4-H fair fireworks started going off for the second night in a row, so I went outside to try to photograph some of them.  I suppose the trees may have grown a little, but it seemed they weren’t launching them nearly as high as very few of them cleared the tree line across the street this year.  Between the lack of height and forgetting what camera settings I need for fireworks, I didn’t get many of them to turn out well.  Today’s photo is one that had to do for what I got, but one that I wasn’t all that pleased with.  Sometimes it is easy to have imagined expectations, but difficult to always meet those expectation — even when, and sometimes especially when, those expectations are of  our own making.  For me, it is a continual process of learning to balance pressing on toward the high calling I have in Christ Jesus, and learning to be content with the results of faithfulness.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Most of what I write can be improved if I go back later and pay attention to how it flows on the page.
  • My life also is improved when I pay attention and learn from the past to help the present and future have a better flow.
  • I suppose that being nervous and concerned about being a distraction is better than not caring.
  • Being family means we do things that benefit one another even if it takes us outside of our comfort zone.
  • We rarely know what God can really do through us until we are willing to say yes to the opportunities He presents.
  • Being seen as good at something and feeling that you are good at something are two different things.  Either one can be true without the other being true.
  • Humility will always lead you to be your best at whatever you do in a way that doesn’t seek attention to yourself.
  • Doing your best, and learning from your efforts, should result in greater satisfaction than a pursuit of perfection ever could.


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