2017: Page 181

Page 181 was a long day of traveling home, so I’m doing the writing of the page the next morning.  The day began by finishing the writing of page 180 before going to bed around 1 AM, only to be awakened by a thunderstorm rolling through Kansas City half an hour later.  While the worst of it seemed to be off in the distance, today’s photo shows the affects of some distant lightning as it illuminated the cloud-filled sky.  It made me think of the return of Jesus and the day that it is not lightning that splits the sky open, but Jesus returning for those who are His.

After the early morning sound and light show, I was finally able to get to sleep for a few hours before the alarm went off at a quarter to six.  With a wedding rehearsal to be to back home at 5:30 PM; I was up, packed and on the road by 6:30 AM for the 9 hour drive.  Well, I should say for what was supposed to have been a 9 hour drive.  As I traveled most of the day, my GPS was consistent in estimating an arrival to destination time of 4:15.  It has a receiver built in that monitors traffic conditions, so I was keeping a careful eye the display as I made my way toward the point where I would have to decide if I would take the longer route to bypass Chicago, or go through it.  The times were looking good, so I passed the “cut-off point” and committed to the Chicago route.  Unfortunately, just as I arrived at the edge of Chicago, a thunderstorm also arrived and my estimated time of arrival jumped from 4:15 PM to 6:00 PM — and kept getting worse as I crawled along through traffic.  My GPS rerouted me several times as it continually looked for a quicker route, but I’m not sure it helped all that much as I ended up being nearly an hour late for the wedding rehearsal — a wedding I am officiating!  

When I arrived at the rehearsal, they had practiced what they could and seemed comfortable with the flow of the ceremony so we went through the part I would handle to make sure we were on the same page with what the ceremony would look like.  This is my nieces wedding, so fortunately I think they were all understanding and not too upset with me for being so late.  Sometimes we plan and we try to anticipate problems and delays but life still has a way of happening in an unplanned manner.  In those moments, we either accept what we cannot change, learn from it, and go with the flow; or we become angry, disillusioned, and even bitter at events we have little or no control over.  Life is much more joyful when I choose to be flexible and adapt to the unavoidable delays — even when I know they could have been avoided had I only anticipated the unseen. 😉  

When I finally got home from Kansas City after the wedding rehearsal, I checked email and social media messages before giving up on the day and heading to bed.  As I prepared to turn in for the night, the sound of fireworks shook the house as the 4-H fair began shooting off the first night’s fireworks display.  I was tempted to get up and try to shoot some fireworks photos, but was too tired to do so I know there will be other opportunities this weekend.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • The journey of life we are on only comes with an approximate time, so we would be wise to make the most of the moments we have.
  • The power exhibited in the sky during a thunderstorm is small compared to the power that will be known when Jesus appears to call His children home.
  • Sometimes we make the best choices possible with known information and we later realize it wasn’t the best choice after all.
  • Hindsight can be a useful teacher for decision making in similar future decisions, but it is useless in changing decisions already made.
  • When you do the best you can with what you have, you should live with a peace that doesn’t allow the regrets of “what if” to follow you.
  • Having an understanding spirit when things aren’t what we want them to be, goes a long way toward maintaining peace and unity.
  • Some decisions in life are easier than others, but none are as important as following Jesus no matter what. 


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