2017: Page 133

Page 133 has been a “take it easy” kind of day.  I was able to sleep in for a while, then started my day writing yesterday’s page.  Once yesterday’s page was written, I did some minor editing of the photos I took yesterday and played some games on the computer.  It wasn’t long before morning had slipped away so we went out for lunch.  I bought some baby back ribs earlier in the week, so when we got back from lunch I fired up the pellet grill and began the process of slow-cooking and smoking the ribs.  While they were on the grill, we made our way to the riverwalk to enjoy the warmth and sunshine of a beautiful afternoon.

The orioles were out along the river singing their beautiful songs but being very shy about having their photograph taken.  All my shots of them today are from behind as it seems every time I would see one facing me it would fly off as soon as I raised the camera.  It made me think about how we ought to be more like these orioles — content to sing our song but not wanting the spotlight to be on us.  God does instruct us to do the good works He created in advance for us to do, but He also says we should do them in such a way that it causes people to glorify Him.

After the walk, we came back home and I went through the photos I had just taken while the ribs continued to cook on the grill.  About six hours after putting them on, the ribs were finally done and they were simply incredible with their fall off the bone barbecue goodness.  I was thankful for God’s instruction to Peter to “get up and eat and do not call anything unclean which I have made clean.”  Pork has never tasted better. 🙂

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • When your body is used to running a specific schedule it can be difficult to simply take it easy.
  • Sometimes the best things seem to happen spontaneously and sometimes they seem to take a lot of planning.  Either way, you have to be present in the moment to experience the best.
  • The chicken nuggets I had for lunch would not have been very good if they had cooked for six hours and the ribs I had for dinner would not have been good at all if they had cooked for only five minutes.  Wisdom is understanding what to spend less time on and what to spend more time on.
  • Our life in Christ ought to be making beautiful music that causes people to glorify God and not us.
  • The blood of Jesus cleanses us from all unrighteousness.  What God has called clean, let no one call unclean.


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