2017: Page 129

Page 129 began early and, unlike some recent days, I plan on it ending early as well.  In the middle of the night, Susan got up and did some wandering which I suspect was seizure related.  Once she was resettled, the rest of my night was rather restless.  I woke up before the alarm went off again this morning so I got dressed and headed into work early.  As I was cleaning in the building, I noticed that the sky was glowing in all shades of red as the sun prepared to make its way over the horizon for the day.  I grabbed my cameras and ran outside to take some pictures and set one of them up for some time-lapse recording.  Once it was set, I went back inside and finished cleaning and getting the building ready for the day.  After I had collected the trash and took it out, I noticed that the clouds had won out this morning as the sky was completely overcast with no sunrise color left in it.  I figured there was no use in time-lapse recording a solid gray sky, so I turned my camera off and headed back inside to finish up the building prep for the day.

Once the building was ready, I sat down to write out yesterday’s page while the events and lessons of the day were still accessible in my mind.  I find that the things that God tries to teach me each day are more easily remembered, and learned, when I take the time to recall them and type them out.  After I had written yesterday’s page and published it, I spent some more time working on next week’s prayer guide before heading to the hospital to check on my mom.  

My mom was out of bed and sitting in a chair when I got to her hospital room.  The official word had not arrived yet, but each medical staff person who came into the room brought with them news which gave greater confidence that mom would be released to go home.  Eventually one of the doctors came in with the official news that the discharge orders were forthcoming.  Soon after, the doctor who had installed the pacemaker came in and did his final check and instructions to begin the process of departure.  After he left, the nurse came back in with written instructions that each of the doctors had left.  Once those were explained, they called for a wheelchair and the hospital stay was over.

After taking mom and dad home, I made it back to South Bend in the middle of the afternoon and I was tired.  I spent a little time relaxing before going out and mowing the lawn.  The fresh air helped my alertness for a little bit, but once I was finished mowing the tiredness followed me inside.  So, I sat down to write today’s page and once finished will likely head to bed early to rest up for what will be a typical long Wednesday of work tomorrow.  Today’s photo is one that I took when I first went outside after noticing the sky beginning to light up this morning.  This was a case of making the most of the opportunity that was before me.  While I expected the sky to continue to brighten with even more vibrant color as the sun rose further, that didn’t happen.  I was able to capture the beauty of the morning in a photo because I accepted what was available and didn’t wait until a scene that I thought would be better.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • While I may get physically tired, I never get tired of everything involved in being Susan’s dad.
  • God’s love is much greater than mine, so not only does He never get physically tired, He never tires of caring for me.
  • Sometimes we expect things to turn out a certain way and even begin to think that because we want it that way, it ought to happen.
  • There are some incredible people in all walks of life.  These last few days have highlighted some of those incredible people working in the medical field.
  • A good attitude can be contagious.  Unfortunately, so can a bad attitude.  Which are you a carrier of?
  • Knowing you are headed home can make the waiting process more tolerable, and even enjoyable.
  • Some things in life have a limited window of opportunity.  
  • When opportunity knocks, are you prepared to make the most of it?


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