2017: Page 128

Page 128 was a long day so the writing of it is taking place the next morning.  Depending on your perspective, it may seem like there wasn’t much I accomplished during the day.  But that is the fun part of serving a God that can see the bigger picture and weave our days into something beautiful.

The day began early as I was awake before my alarm went off, so I headed into work to get the cleaning and prep done to have the building ready for the day.  Once the building was ready, I began work on next week’s prayer guide which, when finished, will have people praying along with some scriptures about facing trouble.  I’ve met people that approach trouble in different ways, but I’ve never met anyone that hasn’t faced trouble of their own.  I believe once I complete the prayer guide and publish it next week, it will be a useful tool for many.

Once she made it to the building, Susan and I headed to the hospital to be with my mom and family as awaited word on the day’s schedule and pacemaker decision.  When I got there, it wasn’t long before the doctor came in and gave an update on what he would be doing with an estimated surgery time of 11:00 AM.  Thus continued the “hurry up and wait” process that often accompanies many parts of life.  It was good to be able to spend the day with family as we shared stories and I got to hold a baby much of the day. 🙂  I even had one of the hospital workers ask me how old my baby was. 😀  I think she was surprised, or maybe concerned, when I said I didn’t know.   As it turns out, Kendalyn is 5 weeks old and since she is the daughter of my niece, I decided that made me a great uncle.  

While running behind schedule, they did eventually come get mom for surgery as we continued the waiting process.  They did a great job of keeping us informed regarding when the prep was done, when they would be actually beginning the procedure, and when they were finished and she was heading back to the room.  The communication helped keep everyone connected and was a great stress reducer.  After the pacemaker was in, it was back to the room where mom was doing great.  I stayed with her so dad and the rest of the family could go home and take care of some things on the farm.  Mom’s expectations of surgery were from a generation ago, so she was very pleasantly surprised at how well she was doing so soon after coming back to the room.  Once dad came back to the hospital for the night, it was time for me to call it a day and get something to eat with my family on the way home.  When I arrived home, the moon was just coming up over the tree tops so I took a few photos that reminded me of God’s provision and planning for there to be times and seasons that He is in control of.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Our perspective is rarely complete but it becomes more accurate as we learn to seek God’s perspective in everything.
  • The things that we know we accomplish are likely minimal compared to the things God accomplishes in and through us in ways we don’t see.
  • Troubles will come our way but troubles do not have to define us.
  • A good family that cares for one another is a blessing that is often taken for granted when you have it and thought impossible when you don’t.
  • It is easy to get stressed when we think our timing is the way everything ought to go.
  • Babies are great reminders to me that God still places hope into the world.
  • It is easy for me to love and care for an infant child.  Do I have that same care for an infant believer who also needs to grow and be loved?
  • I will never be a grandpa, but I still have the opportunity to be a “great” relative. 🙂
  • When love abounds, spending the day with a group of people doesn’t seem that long.


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