2017: Page 102

After heading to bed early the night before, page 102 began early as I left for work with frost on the truck and a bright full moon shining in the crisp early morning sky.  I began with a quick walk-through of the building to see what needed done then sat down with a cup of coffee to finish the writing of yesterday’s page.  While I had begun the writing last night, my mind was too weary to finish it so I got the sleep I needed and felt better about writing it this morning.  After yesterday’s page was written, I did the usual morning cleaning and prep so the building was ready by the start of the school day.  

Once the school day began, I spent some time on some minor maintenance issues that were out of the way of the day’s activities.  Eventually I made my way back to the office to spend some time in prayer, listening, and writing.  As I was writing, a bright red cardinal came and perched in the brush outside my office window.  After posing for a while, he flew off and it wasn’t long before I noticed a turkey walking past my window.  There is a small group of wild turkeys that I’ve often seen on the property, but this was the first that I had one walk by without a group with him.  A good sign that spring has arrived is discovering that the lawn needs mowed.  After taking a walk outside to see how it looked, I discovered some of the lawn areas would look much better for the weekend if I mowed them.  So I got the mower out and spent the afternoon in the bright sunshine mowing lawn.  There is something about sitting on the mower seat with the hum of the engine around me and the warm sun shining down upon me that makes me sleepy.  I did get mowed today what I hoped to and now we will see if I do the cleaning for tomorrow after the building clears out following the Bible study classes or if the sleepiness takes over and I decide to come back early tomorrow to do the cleaning.

While I was mowing, there was a pair of hawks circling overhead most of the time.  I don’t know if I was disturbing their resting places or if they were hopeful my mowing would scare up some dinner for them, but they were beautiful to watch as they soared high overhead with seemingly little effort.  As I sat down to write this page, a blue jay came and perched outside my window in the evening sun.  I love the variety of birds and wildlife that God has placed around me.  It is a joy both to see them and to photograph them so they can be shared with others.  Today’s photo is of my evening visitor that God sent so I could share him with you.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Sometimes it is important to press through our weariness and complete a task.  Sometimes it is important to rest from our weariness and complete our tasks later.  Wisdom is knowing which time this time is.
  • Often the “why” is as important as the “what” — maybe even more so.
  • Man looks on the outward appearance but God looks on the heart.  I want both to be pleasing and acceptable, but choosing to work on the heart results in the outward appearance being changed as well.
  • There is beauty in the ordinary situations of life if we pay attention enough to notice it.
  • Sometimes I wonder if the Christian community has turned Resurrection Sunday into something we worship instead of worshiping the One who is Resurrected.
  • When God says to make the most of every opportunity, special days such as Easter can often be an opportunity to share about the hope that is within you.
  • What has God put into your life today that He wants you to share with someone else?


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