2017: Page 98

Page 98 ended up being a restful day with nothing on the schedule that needed done.  After a few days roaming the countryside of West Virginia and a return to work yesterday, a day at home sounded like the perfect plan.  After some extra sleep brought a later than usual start to the day, it was time to start going through the photos from our West Virginia trip.  It was a big project and about midway through, I stopped to cook some hamburgers on the pellet grill.  The sun was shining brightly and made it look deceptively nice outside as the air temperature was colder than it looked like it should be.  The brisk temperature made me decide to continue working on the photos after lunch instead of going out walking.

As I went through each day’s photos, I contemplated what to do with them beyond keeping them stored on my computer.  I will share some of them on social media but flooding my social media accounts with 900 photos would not be a very sociable move.  I suspect that I will eventually upload them to my online smugmug account where they can be sorted into galleries and viewed by those interested.  In the meantime, after processing all the photos, I put together a blog post about one day of our trip so others could get a glimpse of not only the beauty that we saw, but could have some direction in how to experience it for themselves.  You can read that at Southern West Virginia Waterfalls & Scenic Views Roadtrip: Day 2.

Today’s photo is one from a stop on the final day of our trip as we made our way toward home.  It was a rainy day so we stopped at a park to photograph some waterfalls.  Even on a cool, rainy day there was much beauty to be seen.  Surrounded by the beauty of the park, Susan’s happiness could not be hidden.  Her love for life, her love for us as her parents, her love for her panda bear, her love for people, and most of all her love for God brings her great joy that shines wherever she goes.  Yes, there are times when we probably push her patience to the limit, but as long as we keep her warm, fed, and comfortable without having to walk too much, she shares our adventures with great excitement.  There is so much I can learn from her contentment as she reminds me of the teaching of Jesus about learning contentment in what God provides.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Vacations are good for the family but they can be tiring.  Planning to rest after an active vacation is a good thing.
  • Some days look nicer than what they are and some days are nicer than what they look.  You won’t really know until you experience what the day actually is.
  • Sharing is good, but sometimes sharing too much is overwhelming to others.
  • What we learn from our experiences ought to be shared with others who are willing to learn.
  • Sometimes our greatest lessons are taught by the person most people would least expect a lesson to come from.
  • True happiness is more closely tied to genuine contentment than most people realize.
  • We ought to find great joy in being with those we love, and with those who love us.  That statement ought to describe our relationship with God as well as with people.


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