2017: Page 86

Page 86 was another day that found me awake before my morning alarm went off.  At church yesterday, I had noticed some maintenance request notes in my mailbox so I got ready and went in earlier than usual to see if I could take care of some of those requests before the school day.   When I got to work, I checked my messages and then set about working on some minor issues throughout the building before starting the usual cleaning and prep for the day.  With the extra-early start, I managed to take care of the requests and get the building cleaned and ready before the students began arriving for the day.

Being a Monday, I settled into the routine of prayer and listening as I sought direction for the next weekly prayer guide.  I had a couple ideas enter my mind, but as I thought and prayed about them I couldn’t see my being able to develop them beyond the idea stage at this time.  During my prayer time I began to think a lot about the teaching of Jesus to seek first the kingdom of God.  From that, I began to think about the riches I have and the riches God desires for me to have that are not financially based.  It wasn’t long before the topic of godly riches had developed into an outline for the week and then my attention turned to spending time with God regarding the direction I would write for each day’s prayer focus.  I live in a culture that makes the pursuit of worldly riches seem normal and desirable which means I have to try that much harder to pursue riches that are not of this world.  Once I had the prayer guide written, I formatted it and scheduled it to be posted and sent out on Sunday.  After taking care of all that, the morning was almost gone but I started the process again as I have some spring break family time scheduled that will take me away from the office next Monday.  

By late afternoon my mind and body were both tired so I called it a day and headed to the river for a walk.  As I began my walk, the early spring flowers welcomed me to the river.  In addition of the beauty of the flowers, there were ducks, turtles, geese, and squirrels all waiting to be photographed.  Today’s photo is of a mallard duck that was eager to pose for pictures today.  Most of the time the ducks take off in flight as soon as they sense someone around.  I suspect that this duck and its mate, which allowed me to walk right up to them and take pictures, have learned from the squirrels that becoming friendly with people often results in food being offered..  After the walk I stopped by the store to pick up some chicken to put on the pellet grill for supper then spent some time unwinding and relaxing at home while it cooked.  

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Minor issues are generally easier to take care of than major issues but if not cared for the minor issues easily become major issues.  This is just as true about our spiritual life as it is about buildings.
  • Most maintenance tasks are easier to take care of without the interruptions and distractions of other people.  Again, this applies equally to the maintenance of our spiritual life and the maintenance of buildings.
  • Finding time that you can dedicate to spending with God caring for your spiritual well-being is essential.
  • Seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness requires discipline and a focus that sees beyond the world’s wealth.
  • Money doesn’t mean the same thing to God as it does to most of us.  We would do well to learn to view it in the same way God does.
  • Work is important and given to us by God — so is rest.
  • When we recognize God as the giver of all good things, we begin to trust Him enough that we are willing to draw near to Him.


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