2017: Page 82

The building was taking longer than usual to clear out last night and I was tired so I decided I would head home before cleaning and then go in early this morning to do the building prep for the day.  Coming home early last night and going into work early this morning sounded like a better plan last night than it did when my alarm went off this morning.  Page 82 began with frost on the truck under a clear sky as I headed into work early.  Once there I went about my cleaning and building prep tasks.  When I took the first load of trash out I took my camera with me to shoot a few photos of the moon which had been bright in the sky on my drive in.  When I got outside, the sky was full of clouds and the eastern horizon was glowing with a brilliant selection of colors.  It looked like it was setting up to be a pretty spectacular sunrise so I went in to get my tripod so I could set my camera up to time-lapse the next fifty minutes.  If this works, today’s photo is actually the ten second video of those fifty minutes of this morning’s sunrise.

As I was shooting some photos of the sunrise and then watching this time-lapse video, I kept thinking about what an incredible view I would have missed had I followed my normal routine and cleaned last night so I could sleep in this morning.  It made me think of God’s faithfulness as the sun rises each morning whether I am awake to see when it happens, or not.  As much as I enjoy sleep and benefit from it, I receive greater joy from watching God’s handiwork as He puts it on full display to be seen by all who would care to look.  

One of the factors that went into my decision to rearrange my schedule to go into work on a morning that I would normally have off was to get some outside work done while the forecast was calling for favorable weather.  After the cleaning was done and the building ready for the day I followed up on some correspondence and then headed outside to grade the trails and do some work on the church property.  While it was dry, the temperature was much colder than I had expected so by the time my morning was finished I was feeling rather chilled.  I finished the workday taking care of some tasks in the office while I enjoyed a cup of hot coffee to warm up.  The rest of the day was spent relaxing at home before firing up the pellet grill to cook some chicken for dinner.  With an event in the building tomorrow evening, my Friday won’t be a normal  late night schedule for me so I’ll do the early morning tasks and whatever else may need done before calling it a day.  

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • God’s mercies are new every morning.  I pray that you and I are observant enough to notice them and willing enough to receive them.
  • Trusting God means that I seek Him for direction in every decision and believe He will work each decision together for good as I move forward in faith.
  • God delights in His children and goes to great lengths to let them know that.
  • Sometimes our expectations keep us from paying attention to the things God wants us to see and know.
  • Routine is important to me but watching God work when my routine gets rearranged is even more valuable.
  • An awareness of God’s presence ought to never leave us regardless of what we are doing.
  • We have many ways to warm ourselves physically, do we make use of the ways God has given us to warm ourselves spiritually?

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