2017: Page 73

Winter has maintained its hold on the weather for now, so I dusted a fresh layer of snow off my truck before I headed into work early this morning.  As I arrived at work, it appeared either the ice melt that was put down yesterday continued to work or the wind had selectively cleared the snow from the walks.  Regardless of why, the good news was that I didn’t have to be out in the cold clearing snow this morning.  Instead of facing the cold wind, page 73 began with the cleaning and building prep.  I took the trash out under the light of a nearly full moon set in a crisp star-filled sky.  There were hints of the sun dancing on some of the puffs of clouds in the eastern sky, but the actual sunrise didn’t take place until after the building was ready for the day and the students had begun to arrive.  

I had just sat down to go through messages and follow-up on some information I was seeking when I got word that the school was having computer network issues.  So, the next while was spent trying to figure out a system that no one knew anything about and had been changed to something I was no longer familiar with.  It didn’t take too long for me to see what the conflict was in the network, but because there was no information on how it had been set up to work, I needed to be cautious so as not to cause bigger problems while I resolved the current problem.  I eventually created a workaround for the issues that got the network up and running for the day and it seemed to be functioning according to the needs of the users.

The rest of the morning was back to the messages and trying to track down the information I was working on earlier.  Throughout the morning the birds filled the trees outside my office window and I was blessed by their songs of praise.  As I would stop and photograph them from time to time, I noticed that some of them seemed to be watching me as much as I was watching them.  Today’s photo is of what I think is a finch that appears to be staring me down as I took its picture.  I was fascinated by its coloring — the same colors that can be seen in the brush surrounding where it is perched.  In fact, there are times when I glance out the window and think that the birds have all left for the day and then I begin to notice movement.  Some would say they adapted well, I say God has done an incredible job of creating the right things for the right settings.

By early afternoon, my workday was complete and I headed to lunch before going home to spend an afternoon filled with quiet and rest.  I still haven’t fully kicked the cold/sinus crud, so it feels like I’m always worn down and needing rest.  I suspect that the time change has confused my body clock as well, so perhaps I’ll feel more energetic once spring weather actually arrives.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Preparation is better than being unprepared.
  • Asking people to join you in praying about something when you have no intention of listening, really isn’t prayer — it’s just a show.
  • Choosing our own path of connection with God will generally leave us feeling disconnected.
  • Instead of trying to restore a connection path of our own making, it is usually more productive to return to God’s design for how we should connect with Him through His Son.
  • God has designed His children to walk in such a way that we become invisible while Christ becomes magnified in us.
  • When people pay attention, even when they don’t see us they ought to see the movement of God in our life.
  • Sometimes we must be deliberate about drawing near to God to find rest for our soul. 


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