2017: Page 69

I woke up before the alarm went off this morning with an itching sensation along my nose and around my eye.  As my doctor had just removed a cyst from that region Wednesday morning, I knew better than to attempt to scratch that itch — at least while I couldn’t see what I was doing — as I didn’t want to tear out the stitch that had been put in.  So I got up and bleary-eyed made my way to a mirror where I could satisfy the itch without doing myself harm.  I’ve had enough stitched up wounds in my life to suspect the itching is a sign of healing taking place, which is a good thing.  

Since I was up, I headed into work early to get the cleaning done and the building ready for the day.  As I took out the trash, there was just the right mix of clouds and clear sky that I anticipated a beautiful sunrise.  One of my cameras has a time-lapse setting where I can put it on a tripod and it will take a picture every five seconds then flow them together into a video.  Its default setting keeps shooting for fifty minutes and turns it into a ten second video clip.  I normally adjust it to make the video run at half speed so it lasts twenty seconds, but even then the clouds fly across the sky as the sun rises quickly.  Anyhow, I set it up to do its thing and then went back inside to finish the tasks that needed done before the start of the school day.

Once the building was ready for the day, I collected my camera and shared the video on social media before checking messages from yesterday.  One of the messages was letting me know that the final parts I had ordered for my tractor were in.  After taking care of a few things in the office, I picked up the parts and spent the morning working on the tractor so it will once again be a useful tool for my outside work.  By early afternoon I had already spent eight hours at work and it was time to take a break and get some lunch.  As I grabbed lunch and headed down to Potato Creek, the beautiful mix of sun, clouds, and blue sky turned to a completely overcast afternoon.  The wind was cold, and with the sun hidden behind the clouds, I took a short hike and shot a few photos before heading back to work.  As I made my way back to the building, the clouds began to break up and soon the sky had returned to the beautiful mix of sun and clouds that had been present earlier.  

As I prepared for the evening cleaning to get the building ready for Sunday, a cardinal showed up outside my office window.  Normally they will perch in the brush as they eat berries or pick seeds out of the sumac heads, but this one was hopping along in the grass with the bright sun shining down upon him.  He seemed intent on posing, so I got my camera out and took some photos and included one of them on today’s page.  I joked about him stopping by to see if I took walk-ins for custom photo sessions.  Since he was such a great representative of God’s creativity, and he was posing so well, I said I would take his photo without an appointment. 🙂

That bright sun that the cardinal was enjoying turned into a beautiful evening sunset.  I took a short break from the cleaning tasks to take a few sunset photos and start the writing of today’s page.  Once I’m done with the writing, it will be back to cleaning for a couple hours and then head home.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Reactions are not always helpful.  It is usually wise to think before you act.
  • How we deal with discomfort can either be helpful in bringing relief, or we can cause even greater pain.
  • Recording the details of events over a period of time through some type of journaling allows us to have greater insight into just how much movement and activity God has been doing in our life.
  • Taking the time to repair and/or maintain equipment makes hard work easier once the equipment is usable.
  • Taking the time to repair and/or maintain the spiritual tools God has given us makes difficult spiritual work easier as we walk by the Spirit.
  • Some days will seem cold and cloudy.  Keep walking with Christ and allow Him to bring you into the warmth of His light.
  • God surrounds us with reminders of His creativity and beautiful work.  If you’re not noticing it, you may need to learn to sit with Him and listen.


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