2017: Page 56

I was doing some updates on my GPS that ended up taking longer than I anticipated, so page 55 soon merged into page 56 before I headed to bed.  The late, or very early morning, bedtime made the idea of sleeping in even more desirable than normal.  When I finally woke up, winter had returned overnight and there was a dusting of snow on the ground with light flurries still falling.  After relaxing much of the morning, we finally decided to head out for a trip to Portage and Michigan City, Indiana for some shopping with stops along the Lake Michigan shoreline to shoot some photos.

Today’s photo is of the lighthouse scene at Washington Park in Michigan City as the sun attempted to break through the clouds.  While the wind coming off the lake made it feel even colder than the twenty-seven degree air temperature would make it seem, it was still a great afternoon to take photos.   The occasional break in the clouds allowed for the sunbeams to stream from the sky onto the waters of the lake.  When viewed from the dunes and hills along the lake shore, the water was an amazing variety of blues and greens as the waves rolled onto the shore.  In fact, if you could ignore the gray sky and cold temperature, it almost had a tropical look to it.  Yet appearance isn’t always an accurate reflection of what something is.

It is kind of that way with people too.  God says that we have a tendency to look at the outward appearance of people, while He looks at the heart.  While we need to apply that principle to the way we view others, we really need to begin by examining whether we spend more time working on our own outward appearance or more time with who we are at our very core.  Do we want people just to think well of us, or do we want to treat people well?  Do we let people see who we really are, or do we spent most of our time hiding our true self.  Do we even take the time to be honest with our self about what God already knows about us?

Overall it’s been a quiet day and after the shopping and photo excursion, the evening was spent at home going through the photos taken in the afternoon before writing today’s page.  I will need to do some cleaning at work before church tomorrow, so it’s probably time to wrap up today’s writing and call it a day.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Sometimes I start projects later than I should and find myself working on them long after I should have taken a break.  This character trait is probably positive at times and negative at other times.
  • How persistent am I when it comes to doing what it takes to grow in my walk with God?  Do I pursue Him naturally according to His leading or do I force the relationship to fit my plans and ideas.
  • Not everything is what it appears to be.  Sometimes it is, but other times it is either better or worse that what it appears, or perhaps just different from its appearance.
  • Our integrity is the quality that helps us be the same person whether anyone is looking or not.


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