2017: Page 55

Page 55 began with surprisingly warm weather on a day that saw the season change from spring back to winter again.  As I took the trash out after the morning cleaning and building prep, the day’s first line of storms began moving through the area.  It began as light rain and the trees were filled with birds singing their springtime songs in the early morning.  As the rainfall became heavier, the sounds of the birds disappeared as they headed deeper into the woods for cover.  But the music of nature continued as the rain danced on the metal roof of the building while I took care of my morning tasks.  By late morning the first round of rain came to an end and clear skies appeared for a brief time before the clouds began to build for round two.  

With a memorial service and dinner scheduled for late afternoon and evening, I did some writing as I waited for the cafeteria to clear out so I could clean the floors and help with the setup for the dinner.  Today’s writing was my first blog post other than my daily pages in a very long time.  The idea for the writing came from a photo I took of my daughter this past weekend.  The photo caught her in a great expression of joy which flows not from what she can accomplish, but from who she is.  If you’ve not already seen it, you can find that blog post at “Finding Joy In Who You Are“.

After the writing, it was time to clean floors and do some setup for the evening before heading out to lunch.  With the building in use, the rest of my weekend cleaning will end up waiting until sometime Saturday or early Sunday morning.  So, after a late lunch I headed home where I relaxed and took a nap before dinner.  After dinner, it has been a combination of Words With Friends games and writing today’s page.  With no new photos taken today, I chose one from yesterday for today’s page.  It reminds me a lot of the overcast and stormy weather of today.  Even with a day that the weather would probably not be considered ideal, God continues to share His creativity and beauty.  Once I finish up the writing, it will be time to get some sleep.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • We don’t always get the weather, or other life circumstances, that we want but that shouldn’t keep us from noticing God’s goodness in what He gives us.
  • Just because the birds stop singing in a storm, it doesn’t mean the music has to stop.
  • We must be careful to not let a good routine cause us to miss the incredible surprises God wants to bring into our life.
  • If we count on what we do, or what others think about what we do, to bring us joy, we will eventually end up disappointed.
  • True joy in Christ comes from being who God created us to be and being content to simply be that.
  • Serving people may well cause us to have to change our plans and schedules — serve anyway.
  • With no rain, there is no growth.  With no growth, we die.  Appreciate the cloudy and rainy days of life for the life they bring.


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