2017: Page 54

Page 53 ended later than I had anticipated so page 54 began with me heading to bed to get some sleep.  When I eventually woke up to start page 54 for real, I sat down at my computer to check on messages and social media postings.  It didn’t take long this morning for me to realize that although I walk a lot and consider myself to be in good enough physical condition, apparently running a chainsaw for several hours straight yesterday used a different variety of muscles that what I’m used to using. 🙂  I was thankful that Thursday’s are typically my day off so I could recuperate from yesterday’s work.

We’re having spring, summer, fall, and winter all within days of each other this week, so Susan’s neurological system seems to be experiencing a lot of difficulties with a variety of seizure types.  My day of rest helps her to rest so it becomes a win-win for all of us.  She was eventually ready to get up so I helped her get her clothes out and breakfast around so she could get herself ready for the day.  Once she had what she needed, I fired up the pellet grill so I cook some bacon cheeseburgers for lunch.  After lunch, Susan and I headed down to Potato Creek where she walked a mile and then rode her wheelchair while we did an additional four miles of trails.  When we first got to the park, a bald eagle was perched in a tree near where we parked.  I was able to get a few photos before he decided to go somewhere else to do his fishing.  In the photo on today’s page he seems to be looking at me and wondering, “What is he doing here?”  In the very next photo I was able to take, he has begun to spread his wings just before taking off.  While I love seeing the eagles when I’m there, the park itself is filled with beauty and photo opportunities throughout.  

After our walks, we headed home where I spent some time going through the photos I had taken.  Once the photos had been gone through and I had shared a few of them, I fired the pellet grill back up and put some chicken on for supper.  After eating, it was time to begin writing today’s page so I can call it a day and get some sleep before the early start to Friday.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Life is filled with a lot of ebb and flow, a variety of hills and valleys, and we would do well to understand the balance that can be had in the midst of that.
  • Doing something we’re not used to doing will generally be uncomfortable for a time but that shouldn’t keep us from doing what we ought.
  • The mind is a wonderful and complex creation.  As with most things, the more complex they are, the more difficult it is to understand all the ways it works — especially when it functions differently than others.
  • The things we call disabilities often help those who have them to do things the rest of us can’t.
  • While there are many things that Susan can’t do, it is more productive to focus on the things she does better than most — like her ability to relate to God.
  • Most people seem to be focused almost exclusively on the visually spectacular even when they are surrounded by other things, or people, that ought to be noticed.
  • What are you missing today because it doesn’t fully match what you’re looking for?


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