2017: Page 53

Page 53 should end up being a long, but good, workday.  The work part of the day began at 6 AM and will probably go at least until 10 PM.  As is typical on Wednesdays, I am writing today’s page while I wait for the building to clear out so I can get the cleaning done for tomorrow.  The forecast for today called for dense fog to start the day but there was nothing but some light ground haze as I made my way to work.  As I took the trash out after cleaning and taking care of some inside tasks, the sliver of moon in sky caught my attention so I grabbed my camera and took a few photos of it before the sun made its way up over the horizon.  As I zoomed in on the moon, which was not far above the eastern horizon, I could see the brightness of the sun shining upon it and knew it wouldn’t be long before the sunrise began to light up the horizon.  

Sure enough, the scattered clouds soon began to glow as the sun began to crawl up over the horizon and into view.  As I shot photos of the rising sun, I “played around” with the setting that was available to me — the playground. 🙂  Today’s photo was taken looking through some playground equipment as the sun was beaming down onto the haze-covered ground of the lawn.  In my mind, I could picture God’s love being poured out into a hopper which directs it into the lives of His children.  We can be the light of the world that Jesus calls us to be because we have the true Light living in us.  It is my prayer that God’s people, including myself, would reject the temptations of this world to participate in darkness through the way we treat one another.  The light that is in us, and the light that we ought to be, has the power to overcome the darkness if we would let it shine as purely as possible.

After taking some photos, I came inside to work on some projects in the office most of the morning.  By noon I was ready for a break, so I did a little research and booked our favorite vacation spot for our annual late spring/early summer trip.  After the trip was booked, I finished up my morning projects and headed out for a mid-afternoon lunch before returning to work.  Instead of heading out for a walk as I often do when I take a break on these long workdays, I fired up the chainsaw and spent time on one of the outside projects I didn’t get to yesterday because of the rain.  It had been a while since I had cut wood and it felt good to have the chain saw in my hand and enjoy the smell of fresh sawdust.  When I had used all the mixed fuel I had brought with me, I headed inside to make sure the building was ready for Bible classes tonight and then began writing this page.  The people have pretty much cleared out of the building, so I’ll finish up the page so I can get my work done and head home.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • When I worked on a roofing crew my boss always said we wouldn’t call off a job because of a forecast.  We would go and let the actual weather decide if we could work.
  • It is far too easy for the “what ifs” to keep us from doing what we ought.
  • God teaches me in so many ways each day.  Sometimes I actually pay attention to the lessons.
  • It is a lot easier to think of Jesus being the light of the world than for us to live as the light of the world.
  • God rarely calls us to take the easy path but He does promise to make the difficult path easier if we walk it with Him.
  • Physical labor is easier on the body if we make it a regular practice so that our body is used to it.
  • Spiritual labor is easier on the mind if we make it a regular practice so that our mind is used to it.
  • When I do both my physical and spiritual labor well, I find that I can rest more peacefully and securely.


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